Monday, December 31, 2012

So long 2012! Hello new year!

          Happy New Year everyone! I just want to wish you many blessings for the new year. If 2012 is a year you would like to forget, I happen to know a few of those people, I hope 2013 will make up for any hardships you have suffered.

          Do you make new year resolutions? Personally I never had, but I was thinking, maybe we all should do one this year. This is what I would like us all to do...

Resolve to be a better pet owner. If you don't clip the dog or cat's nails as often as you should, or clean the fish tank as every time it needs it, or what ever it is you should be doing but are to lacks. How about doing something good for both you and your pet say like taking the dog of a walk.

Resolve to do something to better our planet. It doesn't have to be anything big, unless you want to go big. But just doing little things will add up to something big. Recycle your pop cans, good for the environment and you will also receive some money back. Start using grey water to water your garden. (If you are unfamiliar with the term grey water please look it up.) Volunteer at a local pet shelter, homeless shelter, or at some other organization that could use your help.

          I think these two ideas for new year's resolutions are something we all can and should do.
Ok 2013, what do you have in store for us?

Sunday, December 23, 2012

See the Dog.... How about the Deer?

Look what we found out on our walk.

"That is a strange looking dog!"
I thought I would share these great seasonal photos taken during one of our forest preserve walks.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Dog Nog Recipe

Holiday Dog Nog
6 egg yolks, well beaten
1/4 cup honey
2 cups cold goat milk
2 cups half and half*
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/8 teaspoon nutmeg (optional)

Blend all ingredients. Refrigerate until needed.

*Or substitute 1 3/4 cup goat milk and 1 3/4 tablespoons melted butter (cooled), mix together well.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cookie Walk ... mmm coookiees!

          I found out that downtown Oak Park was having a cookie walk this December. For the life of me I couldn't figure out what the heck a cookie walk could be. But it really is a fun idea, here let me explain. You buy a special cookie tin and then you walk around to all the participating boutiques and little shops in the area and collect your cookies. It is a really cool idea to get people in the shops and to buy locally. Many of the goodies are made right there in the local pastry shops. Yum!!

Fussy waiting while I went into the shop collecting cookies.

          We decided to take Fussy on our cookie walk. She was so stoked, until we had to wait in line for our tin. She couldn't figure out what we were waiting for, she wanted to go, go, go. Fussy was a huge hit with all the kids walking around down there. I was so proud of Fussy as she was on her very best behavior, she minded her manner and didn't bark back at dogs who barked at her.

"Let's GO!!!"

          Poor Fussy she wanted to follow me into all the shops, but there was one shop she could. There was one fancy pet shop with homemade doggie biscuits and other neat items. The shop even had a bowl of water that Fussy was happy to find. Not only did we collect our cookie from that shop they even handed Fussy some dog cookies. Fussy was so thrilled!

Our big cookie haul.
          It had been quite some time since the last time I actually walked around in downtown Oak Park. This cookie walk was a great way to check out what was down there. I have to say I did find some shops that I would love to go back and give a proper visit to. One of them being that aroma filled popcorn shop .... mmmm, it had my nose working over time. We had such a great time walking through the shops, greeting lots of people, collecting fancy cookies, and just enjoying the whole holiday atmosphere. It was so much fun I would love to do it again next year.

"My cookies!"
And yes, Fussy in the end did get to share in the cookies that had doggie safe ingredients.
I love happy endings!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Australian Cattle Dog

Click to see all my Australian Cattle Dog items for sale.

Find out everything you ever wanted to know about the Australian Cattle Dog, all in one convenient place right here on my blog. I will be featuring other dogs, so continue following my blog to read all about your favorite breeds.   

Other Names/Nicknames:                ACD, Australian Heeler, Australian Queensland Heeler, Blue Heeler, Blue Heeler, Heeler, Queensland Blue Heeler, Queensland Heeler, Queensland Red Heeler, and Red Heeler.

Country of Origin: Australia

Herding Group     (Pastoral Group, Cattledogs)

Purpose of Breed:               Cattle herder and livestock guardian.

Recognized By:    American Kennel Club in 1980
Canadian Kennel Club in NOT AVAILABLE
Fédération Cynologique Internationale in NOT AVAILABLE
Kennel Club in 1985
United Kennel Club in 1985

Population Scarcity:           Not vulnerable

AKC Ranking in 2010: 64th

Life Expectancy: 10-15 years

Weight: approximately 33-50 lb (15-23 kg)
Bulk/Substance: middle
A compact and well-muscled built dog with the appearance is that of power and balance, conveys agility, strength and endurance.

Height:  Male 18-20 inches (46-51 cm)                             Female 17-19 inches (43-48 cm)
Size:       medium

Proportion: is slightly longer than tall, as 10 is to 9

Color:     Blue - The color should be blue, blue-mottled or blue speckled with or without other markings. The permissible markings are black, blue or tan markings on the head, evenly distributed for preference. The forelegs tan midway up the legs and extending up the front to breast and throat, with tan on jaws. The hindquarters tan on inside of hind legs, and inside of thighs, showing down the front of the stifles and broadening out to the outside of the hind legs from hock to toes. Tan undercoat is permissible on the body providing it does not show through the blue outer coat. Black markings on the body are not desirable.

Red Speckle - The color should be of good even red speckle all over, including the undercoat, (neither white nor cream), with or without darker red markings on the head. Even head markings are desirable. Red markings on the body are permissible but not desirable.

The ACD's coloration should not to be confused with merle as it is the result of the ticking gene. Ticking which is the presence of color in the white areas with the flecks of color being the same as the basic color of the dog, though the effect depends on other genes that will modify the size, shape and density of the ticking.

Coat:      The coat is smooth, a double coat with a short dense undercoat. The outer-coat is close, each hair straight, hard, and lying flat, so that it is weather resisting. Under the body, to behind the legs, the coat is longer and forms near the thigh a mild form of breeching. On the head (including the ears), to the front of the legs and feet, the hair is short. Along the neck, it is longer and thicker.  A coat either too long or too short is a fault. Average hair length on the body should be from approx. 1-1 1/2 inches (2.5 to 4 cm) in length. The dog should be shown in natural state.

Trimming/Clipping Required: low to none
Grooming: Brush weekly; clean ears; clip nails
Time Spent Grooming: once a week for about 10 minutes, more when shedding.

Shedding: BIG time seasonally.

Basic Grooming Tools Needed:        Slicker brush
Pin brush
Nail clippers & Styptic powder

Temperament:      ACD are determined, equable temperament, courageous, trustworthy, with an independent streak. With absolute devotion to duty, making them loyal and a self-appointed guardian to it's owner, his herd and his property. While naturally suspicious and wary of strangers, the breed bonds closely to its family. However, the owners must establish themselves as the pack leader. Early socialization to both a variety of people and situations is recommended. Because of their level of devotion to their owners will typically result in the dog being never to far from the owner's side. They can be aggressive with other animals but respond well to familiar dogs as long as there is an established pecking order. They can bite if "harshly treated" but are amenable to proper handling. To clear up some misconceptions, a red ACD is not a Dingo and there is no difference in temperament between blue and red dogs.

Breed Characteristics:      The ACD is ever alert, watchful, and quick intelligence. Protective of its herd and property. They are cattle heading extraordinaires, ready, willing, and tireless to work all day. ACD work independently and often has to think for itself, moving stubborn cattle by coming in low from behind, biting the hock of the weight-bearing leg, and ducking to avoid the kick that often follows. They are able to easily control and move cattle in wide open or confined areas and on any terrain. Stubborn cows don’t discourage this breed, in fact they just become more determined to get the job done.

Best for: experienced owner, lots of attention, structured training, active owners, herders, and other high dog activities.

Not for:  inactive people, first-time dog owners, children under five years, submissive people, apartments, those lacking time, and never as a back yard dog.

Sociability with Other Dogs:            Can be aggressive especially if it feels challenged or threatened. dominant; accept amiable dogs, preferably of opposite sex

Sociability with Strangers:               most are mildly friendly ("reserved", "takes time to warm up to", "naturally cautious/suspicious") with strangers.

Sociability with Children:                 good with older, considerate children; good if raised with them; driving instinct might transfer to kids, particularly those running and screaming.

Watchdog Ability: alert (efficient)
Protection Ability: natural - accepting
natural- (usually holds intruders at bay by barking and growling, but has to be trained to attack.)
average- (gets confused with intruders, barking and growling indiscriminately at anyone. Without training it would be an undependable guard dog.)
accepting- (usually greets most strangers as friends. Occasionally encounters a stranger whom it fears.)

Sociability within Family:                  one-family or one-person dog. Extremely loyal and devoted to his family, often referred to as "velcro dogs". Some will bond more closely to one person while some bond closely to the whole family. Loving and playful family pet.  They live and breathe to make their people happy," obedient yet bold". Expect your ACD to constantly test the rules, probe for the limits, and to test what is and what is not acceptable. But also expect your ACD to truly care and be devoted to your welfare at all times. They are loyal and biddable, and respond well to training.

Indoor Activity:    moderate
Outdoor Activity: very active
Exercise Required: high (up to 1 hour per day)

Ease of Training: med

Possible Health Problems:                Accidental Injury, Arthritis, Deafness (in either one or both ears), Elbow Dysplasia, False Pregnancy, Glaucoma, Hip Dysplasia, Infertility, Lens Luxation, OCD (osteochondritis dessicans), PRA (progressive retinal atrophy), Pyometra, and Spondylosis.
A relatively healthy breed but that is not to say it is free of health concerns.

Possible Behavior Problems:            ACDs does every thing with force, are high energy, intently focused dogs and want to be active and busy most, if not all, of the time. This energy must be given an outlet or you will quickly end up with problems. Bored, they will find ways to entertain themselves, usually doing something you will not like. A tired cattle dog is a good dog.

They are an intently focused breed, everything they do is immensely important, from their point of view, and they always do it to the best of their ability. If they are doing good things then life is wonderful, but if they are doing something bad, you can count on it being horrid.

Without their own cattle, most will find other things to herd such as other pets, toys, kids, people, and anything that moves like lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, and vehicles. This behavior can range from amusing, annoying, to outright dangerous. Biting at the ankle or hind leg is instinctive. This means they have a strong tendency to bite people, even just in play. This must be strongly curtailed from day one.

Part of their desire to herd comes from a strong prey drive, which is the drive to catch and kill small game. They can easily become cat, squirrel, or other small animal-killers. Teaching your dog to obey you and not chase squirrels can save your dog's life, especially when the dog decides to dart across a road in pursuit of something to chase. Most ACDs are fine with other species IF THEY ARE RAISED WITH THEM.

ACDs instincts make them a "mouthy" breed. Most will chew anything in sight if this is not directed toward acceptable chew toys. Many will even try to gently chew on people as a sign of affection.

Extra Information:               ACD are supposed to have a tail. A tail is described in both the American and Australian breed standards. These dogs are true athletes and use their tail as a rudder when making sudden changes of direction, whether while herding cattle, doing agility, or playing in the back yard. While ACDs generally work silently, they will bark in alarm or to attract attention. They have a distinctive intense, high-pitched bark which can be particularly irritating. Implicit devotion to duty. Always alert, extremely intelligent, courageous. They are a superb worker with remarkable reasoning power.

History: Thomas Hall developed ACDs in Australia in the mid to late 1800. He had imported some Smooth-coated Blue merle Highland Collies from Scotland, known by some as Welsh Heelers. These dogs were forceful heelers but barked at the head which was not suitable for the wild cattle, and they lacked the endurance and heat resistance needed for the climate. Hall crossed his Collies with selected dingoes he had tamed to combine the working ability of the Collie with the physical type, heat resistance, and reputed silence of the Dingo. During the next thirty years, the Halls Heelers, as they became known, were used only by the Halls. Given that they were dependent on the dogs, which gave them an advantage over other cattle breeders, it is understandable that the dogs were not distributed beyond the Hall's properties. It was not until after Thomas Hall's death in 1870, when the properties went to auction was Halls Heelers became freely available.

It was later in 1893 that Robert Kaleski took up the pure Hall dogs joining G.W. and H. Bagust, C. Pettitt, J. Brennan, and A. Davis, (the son of Fred Davis, who brought the first pair of Hall's dogs to Sydney around 1870), and others such as J. Rose who were actively breeding at the time. This core of men saved the breed as we know it today as it would not have survived due to indiscriminant crossing with various farm dogs had they not taken steps to preserve it.

Because the Hall line was the result of direct crosses of Highland Collies and Dingoes, a distinctive type was not yet fixed. It seems that from the first evolution, the Blue Heeler was identifiable only by working ability and similar coloration. There is still some disagreement as to the actual breeds that were later crossed into the ACD, among them are the Dalmatian, Australian Kelpie, Bull Terrier, and others. ACDs are born white, which is possibly inherited from the Dalmatian. Kaleski himself does not reveal the Kelpie cross until 1930. A few years later, he states that such a cross was necessary to provide the cattle dog with heading instinct. The resulting dogs threw true to type and had unique markings indicating the strain and the abilities attendant in each strain

Australians owe a great debt to all the persons involved in the development of the Australian Cattle Dog, for without it the beef industry of Australia would undoubtedly have had great difficulty in developing into the important industry that it has become.

The standard for the ACD was drawn up by Mr. Robert Kaleski in 1902 and was based around the Dingo type. Kaleski submitted his standard to the Cattle and Sheep Dog Club of Australia, and the original Kennel Club of New South Wales for their approval. The standard was approved in 1903. The ACD was accepted for registration by the American Kennel Club as of May 1, 1980, and became eligible to be shown in the Working Group as of September 1, 1980. It was transferred to the Herding Group when that was formed, effective January 1, 1983.

Collar Length: NOT AVAILABLE
A collar should ride high on your dog's neck without fitting too loosely as to slip over his head, nor to tightly as to restrict breathing or cause coughing. It should be snug with enough room to fit two fingers between dog's neck and collar. Check collar size frequently on growing puppies. Use a tape measure to measure dog's neck and then add on 2-3 inches (5-7 cm).
Collar Width:       1/2-5/8 inches (1-1.6 cm) width is best for puppies and small dogs.
5/8-3/4 inches (1.6-1.9 cm) width is best for small to medium dogs.

Leash Length:      that depends on use of the leash. A good all around and obedience leash is 6 feet (2 meters).
Recommended Leash Width: NOT AVAILABLE

Crate Size: about a 36 inches (91.44 cm) tall crate.
The best way to determine the correct size kennel for your dog is to measure your pet. Measure from the floor to the top of your dog's shoulder, and add 3-6 inches (8-15 cm); this is the minimum cage height. Then measure from the dog's head to the base of his tail, and add 3-6 inches (8-15 cm); this is the minimum cage length. If the kennel is going to have a 'permanent' place in your home, you will want to make sure that your dog can comfortably stand, sit, turn around, and lie down in it.

Dog Bed Size:      Rectangular - 24 x 42 inches (60.96 x 106.68 cm)
Oval - 24 x 42 inches (60.96 x 106.68 cm)
Round - 42 inches (106.68 cm)
The best way to measure your dog for a bed is when dog is laying down. Measure from base of tail to tip of nose, and add a minimum of 12 inches (30 cm). For bolster or snuggle style beds, add a minimum of 5-7 inches (13-18 cm).

Useful Breed Links:           American Kennel Club (AKC)

Kennel Club (KC)

Stop by my store on Etsy to see my Handcrafted Australian Cattle Dog art or check out the many other dog breeds I carry and more. Remember if you don't find what you are looking for just ask, I am always very happy to answer questions.

CAN YOU HELP? - In the sections that say 'NOT AVAILABLE,' I need help finding the correct information to fill in those blanks. If you know the answer please leave your response in the comments section below, thank you.

MAKE YOUR DOG FAMOUS - I would like to add some dog photos to this breed profile. If you would like me to use your dog's photo contact me or leave a comment below. I will be more than happy to give you and your dog credit in the photo's caption.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Dog Turkey Cranberry Stew Recipe

Turkey Cranberry Stew
8 ounce sweet potatoes
8 ounce squash or pumpkin
4 ounce celery
8 1/2oz. cooked turkey, diced
1 cup turkey stock
2 tablespoon flour
2 ounce cranberries, fresh or dried
1/2 teaspoon calcium

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 6 minutes
Serving: 1

  1. Peel and dice potatoes and squash, cut celery into bite sized pieces. Boil in a saucepan for 3-4 minutes, until just starting to soften. Add cooked turkey to the saucepan.
  2. Whisk the flour into the cold turkey stock. Add turkey stock to the pan and simmer for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add cranberries and mix well. Remove from heat and place in dog bowl. Stir in calcium and serve at room temp.
Calories 1090 kcal; Protein 8.8g; Carbohydrates 120g; Fiber 18g; Fat 30g; Calcium 1717mg.

Friday, November 16, 2012

New Option... Magnet!

NEW Dog magnet option

          A customer contacted me and asked if they could get my Crate Tag in a magnet instead. They didn't use crates and wasn't wanting to hang it anywhere. I thought, what a fabulous idea! Thanks to that customer I am happy to announce that my single sided TAG-A-LONGS now have a magnet option.

          With this being a new option I wont have a complete set of photos for every breed. However, as I get sales for this item I will take the new photos as I go along.

          This new option is already listed on my website. In my Etsy shop as I relist my crate tags I will fix my listings to reflect this new option. As time permits I will being to fix my Bonanza and Zibbet shop to also include this option. It may take a long time to change the listings for those two shops, if you place an order just let me know if you want the crate tag in a magnet.

          Currently I am undecided if I should provide this option for my eBay listings. The next time I list on eBay will be in December, unless eBay has a listings sale.

Backside of magnet

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Foxhounds and More!

English Foxhound

Soon to be released!       
New: American Foxhound, English Foxhound, and Harrier.
Improved design: Bull Terrier in two colors.
Improved design and new color: Border Collie in two colors.

          The two Foxhounds and Harrier I had designed years ago but I didn't like the way they had turned out, so I discontinued them. Recently, I had a chance to revisit these three breeds. And I must say I am very happy with these new designs, a great improvement from my last attempt.

          Once I have finished with the photos for all these new crate tags I will release them for sale. I am hoping to have that done within a week or two. Keep watching my stores and Twitter for when they will be for listed for sale.

American Foxhound
         I had sometime back introduced my Border Collie design, but it just wasn't quite right to me. So after much hemming an hawing, I said what the heck and gave another stab it. My original design made the dog look like it had not enough neck. After I fixed that problem I thought to myself, seeing as how I had the pattern for Border Collie out why not add a new color as well!

Border Collie

          From time to time, I like to look back over my older designs and see if I can improve upon them. This time I took aim at my Bull Terrier. I beefed up the outline of the body and gave the head a more egg shaped appearance. I am so satisfied with the new design, I wont need to improve upon it again for a long time to come. Yeah!

Bull Terrier

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Here is what I've been up to...

          Oh my, I didn't realize how long it has been since my last post. Here is an update on what is going on at Barlee Creations.

          At the end of September, I will be closing my ArtFire shop. Anyone who orders from me through that shop can rest assured you will be taken care of. Once that shop is closed, I will still be here to take care of those customers.

           Currently BarLee Creations can be found on Etsy, Bonanza, Zibbet, eBay, and of course directly. I am also contemplating opening a shop on eCRATER. Why so many shops you ask, well that is easy to gives my customers options! Who doesn't love options?!

          I have new crate tags coming soon! Check back to my blog either tomorrow or the following day to see them before they are listed.

          If you have visited my website recently you will see that it is much need of a makeover. It is on my to-do list, my apologies but sadly at the moment it is at the bottom of that list. I can't give a specific time frame when it will be up-dated, because I just don't know. However, when it is ready I will let you know.

          Have you seen that Tophatter auction site? Wow, that place can be addictive! I was toying with the idea of listing something there. First, I have to get a better feel for site. If I do ever decide to go for it what would you like to see me list? Have any ideas please leave them in the comment section below.

Monday, July 16, 2012

I Can Now Be Found On Bonanza

          I have just opened up a new shop on and I am working on getting more items listed there. I have wrestled with a decision and I think it is time. Since last December certain information has come to light which causes me great concern with the way ArtFire is run. I think it is in my best interest to move my items currently listed there to Bonanza. Once my new Bonanza shop is fully stocked it will become my new main shop and I will then slowly be removing myself from ArtFire. I haven't quite picked a closing date for my ArtFire shop but what I can say is it will be closed by the end of this year for sure.

           If you haven't heard of Bonanza before now you should stop on over and check it out. They have loads of interesting finds as well as other past sellers once found on ArtFire. Bonanza is a little bit like eBay crossed with a handmade and vintage selling site. I am pretty happy about my new shop there and I am hoping it will turn out to be a great move for me.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

9 Updated Designs - Find Out Which Dogs

          I know it has been a while since the last time I posted. Well that is becuase I have been busy, look......updated crate tags! Sure I still have not gotten to the about 36 recognized AKC dog breeds I am missing, but I just felt compelled to revisit a few breeds to make them better. Artist, we are our toughest critics and are never satisfied with our work. Always looking for ways to improve our art so it matches what we see in our minds eye.

          Are you excited to see what I have done? Then lets get to it! First up is the Afghan Hound. I have fixed the color for the Afghan Hound to look more realistic. I think you will find it a much more pleasing color now. This design is without a beard at this time but I do plan on offering a bearded version later.

          The Ibizan Hound I redid the color and design. Now it looks more like a sleek sighthound then my previous design. New Ibizan Hound colors will come later. Like I have stated before, sooner or later I will get around to making a design for each of a breed's colors.

          This next breed I have previously made several different design improvements. But I just wasn't completely satisfied with the results, until now. The Pharaoh Hound didn't need any color tweaking so I only needed to redo the design.

          The Australian Terrier I have been wanting for a very long time to redo. This breed was part of the first batch of crate tags I had originally done. I thought it was high time to revisit this little terrier. I redid both design an color.

          The Border Terrier is another breed I have been wanting to redo from my original crate tags. I tweaked up the design and redid the coloring. Later I will do the Border Terrier in a red like I had in the previous version of this crate tag.

          Yet another breed long over due for a make over. The Norfolk Terrier has a new design and coloring. I revamped the look of this breed's ear and I think the result looks very good. In my opinion it gives this breed kind of a cute look. What do you think?

          The Norwich Terrier I cleaning up its design and give it a new color. Not to fear later on I will bring back a red colored Norwich Terrier. I just figured this color would be more popular with lovers of this breed.

          This next crate tag I redid wasn't because I was unhappy with its looks it is just I thought I could do it much better. I wanted the Rottweiler to look more mature and and filled out also to improve its stance. So I redid the design and only tweaked the coloring.

          The Samoyed I wanted to do away with the tongue showing in the old design so that is what I did. I also greatly improved its overall shape and made changes to the coloring. No I didn't do away with the white, you silly. But I did rework the dog's colored shading.

          There you have it! The nine updated crate tags, improved for the better. The next batch of designs I will be working on are a few breeds that I currently have patterns for but have not been listed for sale in ages. I will give them their over due makeover so I can at long last offer them for sale once again.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Metaphysical Properties and Other Gemstone Lore

Updated on January 10, 2013

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Agate:

  This is the stone for harmony, healing, protection, and strength.
  It increase courage, emotional strength, and energy.
  It dispels fears while boosting self-confidence.
  A good luck stone.
  Grounds and balances emotion and energy.
  Improves, harmonize, and heals relationships.
  Stimulates creativity and intellect.
  Protect against energy and stress drains.
  Eases anxiety and aids in calming.
  Protects against bad dreams. Place a variegated agate near your head for rich and varied dreams.
  Used as a protection amulet for children.
  Protection from evil and the "evil eye".
  Said to strengthen the body's connection to the Earth.

Zodiac Stone:                       Gemini, Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn
Birthstone:                            May, June
Ancient Birthstone:              (Hebrew, Italian, Roman) - May, (Arabic, Polish, Russian) - June
Ayurvedic Birthstone:          May
Mystical Birthstone:             September
Planetary Stone:                  Mercury, Moon
Anniversary Stone:              12th, 14th

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 1th Chakra that is the Root or Base Chakra.
However, depending on the stone's color it will work with the corresponding Chakra.
Can be used to remove blockages from all Chakra points.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Moss Agate:

  Considered the most powerful of the agates.
  It is an abundance stone.
  Aids in balancing emotional energy and letting go of anger and bitterness.
  Said when worn in jewelry it brings health, friends, and riches.
  Used to enhance concentration, persistence, endurance, and success.
  Gives one strength in stressful times.
  Said to be used as protection for children.

Zodiac Stone:                       Taurus, Aquarius, Virgo

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 4th Chakra that is the Heart Chakra.
Also associated with the 1st Base or Root Chakra.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Amazonite:

  Balances feminine and masculine energy.
  Aids in harmony and balancing emotions.
  The stone of universal love.
  Promotes kindness, practicality, creativity, clarity, and integrity.
  It improves thinking, psychic abilities, and physical stamina.
  Said it will be lucky for ones hopes and dreams.

Planetary Stone:                  Uranus

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 5th Chakra that is the Throat Chakra.
Also associated with the 4th Heart Chakra.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Amethyst:

  It is a stone of stability, strength, and peace.
  Used to increase vivid dreams,  help insomnia, and give pleasant dreams.
  It enhances psychic ability, serenity, spirituality, and contentment.
  Aids in creating inner strength, cleansing, grounding, and stimulating spirituality.
  Used for general healing.
  Balances the yin yang energies.
  Used as protection during physical travel and from negative psychic energy.
  Said to guard against drunkenness, instills a sober mind, and protects from poison.
  It has sedative energy that promotes calm.
  Aids in meditation and focusing ones energy.

Zodiac Stone:                       Pisces, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Aries, Capricorn (ancient)
Birthstone:                            February
Ancient Birthstone:              February (Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Roman, Russian), November
Ayurvedic Birthstone:          February
Planetary Stone:                  Saturn
Anniversary Stone:              6th, 16th, 17th

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 7th Chakra that is the Crown Chakra.
Also associated with the 6th Third Eye Chakra.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Aquamarine:

  A stone to assist in spiritual awareness and actualization.
  Used for angel communication, clarifying emotions, sharpening the mind, purification, and balance.
  Aids in lifting ones spirit and creating peace.
  It relieves fear, calms, and insights courage.
  Used as protection during physical travel and protection of sailors.
  Excellent for all levels of meditation.

Zodiac Stone:                       Pisces, Scorpio, Aquarius
Birthstone:                            March (modern), September, October (traditional), November
Ancient Birthstone:              October (Arabic, Hebrew, Polish, Roman)
Planetary Stone:                  Venus, Neptune
Anniversary Stone:              19th

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 5th Chakra that is the Throat Chakra.
Also associated with the 4th Heart Chakra.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Aventurine:

● Used to bring luck and opportunity.
● Aligns auras, emotions, minds, and the physical body for a sense of inner peace.
● Balances yin and yang energies...
● Aides in the acceptance of ones self and of others.
● A stone for general protection.
● Stimulates creativity, independent, and leadership.

Zodiac Stone:                       Libra, Taurus
Ancient Birthstone:              August
Planetary Stone:                  Venus

Chakra Information:
Depending on the color of the stone its Chakra associations vary. If it is red/orange it is associated with the 1st Root/Base Chakra, also with the 2nd Sacral Chakra. If it is green it is associated with the 4th or the Heart Chakra. If it is blue it is associated with the 5th Throat Chakra, also with the 6th Third Eye Chakra.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Carnelian:

  Was once considered the gemstone of the upper class.
  A general healing gemstone.
  Aids in boosting energy.
  It helps the insecure find strength within.
  Used as all purpose general protection, protection from the Evil Eye, and physical protection.
  Calms the temper and helps give a sense of humor.
  Combats fear of public speaking.
  Said to protect one from bad vibrations and guards against poverty.

Zodiac Stone:                       Virgo, Aries, Taurus, Leo
Birthstone:                            May, July, August (traditional)
Ancient Birthstone:              (Hebrew, Italian, Roman) - August, (Arabic) - July, (Hebrew) - May
Planetary Stone:                  Mars

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 2nd Chakra that is the Sacral Chakra.
Also associated with the 1st Base Chakra, 3rd Solar Plexus Chakra, and the 4th Heart Chakra.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Citrine:

● Has been known as the "stone of the mind" used to increase psychic powers.
● It raises thinking to intuitive levels.
● Aids in increasing self esteem.
● People in any type of sales will want to have Citrine as it is known as the lucky "Merchants Stone".
● Said to protect from and dissipate negative energy.
● Promotes clarity of thought and emotion.
● Helps in opening the mind to new thoughts.
● Used to calm and soothe distressed conditions.
● It is the stone of joy, warmth, optimism, positive energy, and love.
● Used for general protection.

Zodiac Stone:                       Gemini, Leo (ancient)
Birthstone:                            November
Ancient Birthstone:              November
Planetary Stone:                  Jupiter, Mercury
Anniversary Stone:              13th

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 3th Chakra that is the Solar Plexus Chakra.
Also associated with the 2nd Sacral Chakra and the 1st Root/Base Chakra.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Chrysoprase:

  Aids in acceptance of self and others.
  Used to soothe heartache and depression.
  It strengthens insight and higher consciousness.
  Promotes emotional balance as well balances the yin-yang energy.
  Said to provide aid for restlessness.
  Encourages hope, joy, wisdom, and peace.
  Used as all purpose general protection, sea voyage protection, and protection from negative energy.
  Helps clarify problems and makes conscious what was unconscious.
  Said to speed the healing of all wounds. Should be held over affected area, carried in pocket, or kept at bedside.

Zodiac Stone:                       Gemini
Birthstone:                            (Non traditional) - May, December
Ancient Birthstone:              (Russian) - December
Planetary Stone:                  Mercury, Moon, Venus

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 4th Chakra that is the Heart Chakra.
Also associated with the 3rd Solar Plexus Chakra.
It works on both Chakras to soothe emotions. It has the capacity for fine attunement, and is used to absorb or deflect unwanted energies.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Garnet:
  It is the symbol of love and compassion.
  Used for protection form evil and during physical travel.
  Has an even flow of energy.
  Aides in balancing ones natural energy.
  Stimulates happiness, passion, peace, inspiration, spiritual awareness, romantic love, and sensuality.
  Said to bring constancy to friendships and success in business.

Zodiac Stone:                       Aquarius, Leo, Capricorn, Scorpio
Birthstone:                            January (modern, traditional), February, May, October
Birthday stone:                     Tuesday
Ancient Birthstone:              January (Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Roman, Russian)
Ayurvedic Birthstone:          January
Planetary Stone:                  Mars, Pluto
Anniversary Stone:              2nd, 18th, 40th

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 1st Chakra that is the Base or Root Chakra.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Goldstone:
  A manmade stone though not technically a gemstone.
  It is a stone of energy.
  Said to reduce tension and to be uplifting.
  Red/brown goldstone is associated with vitality and energy.
  Blue goldstone is associated with learning and communication.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Hematite:

  A stone great for grounding, calming, and soothing.
  Aids in reducing stress and alleviating worry and anxiety.
  Used as all purpose general protection.
  It is used to improve relationships.
  Native American folklore says if used in war paint it will make one invincible in battle.
  It is good for increasing intuition.
  Said to protect against spells and during childbirth and pregnancy.
  Often know as the a worry stone.
  Excellent for the mind.

Zodiac Stone:                       Aries, Aquarius
Birthstone:                            March, December
Planetary Stone:                  Mars, Mercury

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 1st Chakra that is the Root Chakra.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Jasper:

● The stone of gentleness and relaxation.
● It enhances one's tranquility and wholeness.
● Aids in balancing yin and yang energies.
● It is used to assist with astral traveling.
● Used for awareness, grounding, insight, and protection.

Zodiac Stone:                       Aries, Virgo
Birthstone:                            March
Ancient Birthstone:              (Hebrew, Italian, Russian) - March
Planetary Stone:                  Mars
Mystical Birthstone:             October

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Mookaite (jasper):

● The stone of "here and now".
● Aides in accepting change, decision making, and assessing problems.
● Very good stone for protection especially good for emotional protection.
● Used for protection and to shield one from difficult situations.
● It encourages ones desire for new experiences.
● Meditate with it to increase your ability to see multiple solutions to problems.
● Helps balance external stimuli with ones internal response.
● It imparts a deep calm while encouraging versatility.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Brecciated Jasper:

● It encourages attunement and communication with animals.
● Said to bring happiness and a good outlook on life.
● Aids in relieving stress...
● Occasionally used to assist when dowsing.
● It enhances organizational abilities, relaxation, and a sense of wholeness.
● Good for grounding oneself.
● The stone of protection, specifically for protection during astral travel.
● Said to bring energies for success in work.
● Aligns the emotional, physical, and yin and yang.

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 1st Chakra that is the Root/Base Chakra.
Also associated with the 2nd Chakra that is the Sacral Chakra.
It is used to align the chakras.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Ocean Jasper:

● The stone of joy.
● It increases expression of love both in words and actions.
● Brings relaxation and cooperation to any surroundings.
● Aids in lifting negativity so one can fully appreciate blessings.
● It helps to focus the positive aspects of one's life.

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 4th Chakra that is the Heat Chakra.
Also associated with the 5th Throat Chakra.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Labradorite:
  It is excellent for strengthening intuition, will, inner strength, and convictions.
  Aids in seeing though illusions and allowing clarity and illumination.
  Stimulates imagination and the subconscious.
  Used for general and aura protection.
  Allows one to see more clearly in meditation.
  Used to reduce stress and anxiety.
  Helps in spiritual connection and psychic development.
  Aids one in determining ones dreams and goals.

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 5th Chakra that is the Throat Chakra.
Also associated with the 6th Third Eye Chakra and the 7th Crown Chakra.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Lapis Lazuli:
  It is a high intensity stone of knowledge and wisdom.
  One of the more powerful stones, use with care.
  Enhances your ability to become a channel.
  It can aid in bring matters more clearly to mind.
  Aids in emotional healing and stability.
  Said to aid in psychic protect.
  Used to cleanse the spirit to bring out inner truth and peace.
  Helps to provide strength, vitality, and self assurance.
● Used for general protection.

Zodiac Stone:                       Aquarius, Libra, Capricorn, Taurus (ancient)
Birthstone:                            September, December (ancient)
Planetary Stone:                  Saturn, Venus
Anniversary Stone:              9th

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 6th Chakra that is the Third Eye Chakra.
Also associated with the 5th Throat Chakra.
When used over the Third eye Chakra it can assist in opening and clarifying inner visions.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Magnesite:

● To assist and improve creative visualization and imagination.
  Said to have calming properties and helps bring peace during meditation.
  Aids in stimulating psychic visioning.
  Used to stimulate passion.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Moonstone:

  It is a gemstone associated with the moon and Roman goddess Diana.
  Said to be at it's most powerful when the moon is full.
  Helps open the spirit to the feminine aspect and the emotional self.
  Used as all purpose general protection, protection during pregnancy & childbirth, and protection during physical travel at sea.
  Aids in bring good fortune, inspiration, good emotions.
  Draws success in love as well as helps in business matters.
  It is helpful in psychic work and intuition.
  A gemstone of inner growth and strength.
  Excellent for meditation to understand oneself.
  To rejuvenate this gemstone place it in the moonlight of waxing gibbous moon.

Zodiac Stone:                       Cancer, Gemini, Sagittarius (ancient)
Birthstone:                            April, June (modern), August (traditional), October (ancient)
Ayurvedic Birthstone:          September
Mystical Birthstone:             June
Planetary Stone:                  Moon
Anniversary Stone:              13th

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 7th Chakra that is the Crown Chakra.
Also associated with the 2nd Sacral Chakra, 4th Heart Chakra (if the stone is green), and the 6th Third Eye Chakra.
It stimulates the pituitary gland and intuitive energies. Has a very calming effect on emotions.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Mahogany Obsidian:

● Useful for developing the strength in ones own convictions against both hidden and visible enemies.
● It will ground and protect its owner.
● A stone associated with the Greed god Pluto.
● Used for strength in times of need and gives new life to your purposes and goals.
● Aids in removing energy blocks.
● It helps dispel negativity.
● Helps one to clearly see one's own flaws and recognize the changes that are necessary.

Zodiac Stone:                       Scorpio

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 1st Chakra that is the Root/Base Chakra.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Snowflake Obsidian:

● Enhances the ability to reach your inner self.
● Used to sharpen both internal and external visions.
● It balances body, mind, and spirit.
● Used general protection and protection from evil.
● It protects against nightmares and emotional draining.
● Will allow you to view unhealthy patterns in your behavior and open a door to change.
● It helps draw hidden imbalances to the surface and releases them.
● Used to add one to see into the future.
● Aids in calming, soothing, and dispelling negativity.
● It is embolic of the contrasts of life: day & night, light & darkness, truth & falsehood.

Zodiac Stone:                       Scorpio

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 1st Chakra that is the Root/Base Chakra.
Also associated with the 6th Chakra that is the Third Eye Chakra.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Peridot:

  Considered by the ancients as The gemstone of springtime, a gift from Mother Nature.
  Aids in healing and increasing psychic powers.
  Helps allow the understanding of one's life and regulates life cycles.
  Used as all purpose general protection, protection from demons, and physical protection.
  Said to alleviate anger, fear, anxiety, and insomnia.
  It is said it should be used only by spititual or clear-minded persons.

Zodiac Stone:                       Libra, Gemini, Virgo, Leo, Pisces
Birthstone:                            August (modern),
Planetary Stone:                  Mercury, Venus
Anniversary Stone:              16th

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 4th Chakra that is the Heart Chakra.
Also associated with the 3rd Solar Plexus Chakra.
Used for protection, prosperity, happiness, and emotional calming. It can purify and balance.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Quartz Crystal:

  It is the greatest of all the healing stones.
  Acts as an amplifier for psychic energy, aids meditation, and visualization.
  Said to have similar vibration as humans, this is why it is such an important and powerful stone.
  Negative people may find that the stone may not work for them.
  Used as all purpose, all healing, general protection, and protection from evil and negative energies.
  Aids in clarity of consciousness.
  Said to be a "programmable" stone, where one can charge it energy. It can receive, store, activate, amplify and transmit energy.

Zodiac Stone:                       Pisces, Leo, Capricorn
Birthstone:                            April
Planetary Stone:                  Venus
Anniversary Stone:              15th

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 6th Chakra that is the Third Eye Chakra.
Also associated with the 7th Crown Chakra.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Tourmalinated Quartz:

  A stone very strong with luck.
  Aids in clear thinking, strength, and balance.
  Used as protection from unhealthy energies.
  The quartz is an amplifier and the tourmaline cleanses and grounds.

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 1st Chakra that is the Base or Root Chakra.
Also associated with the 6th Third Eye Chakra and the 7th Crown Chakra.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Pink Tourmaline:

  It is associated with feminine energies.
  Aids in alleviating stress and obsessive behavior.
  Promotes compassion, kindness, tolerance, love, and healing of emotional pain.
  Used as all purpose general protection.
  It is an emotional balancer and cleanser.
  Assists in changing patters to allow spiritual growth.
  Said to have a soothing energy that brings feelings of comfort, relaxation, safety, and nurturing.

Zodiac Stone:                       Leo
Birthstone:                            October (modern)
Anniversary Stone:              8th

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 4th Chakra that is the Heart Chakra.
Also associated with the 7th Crown Chakra.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Rose Quartz:

  It is the stone of love and all things associated with love.
  Used to attract love.
  Enhances love.
  Promotes self-loving, self-worth, and unconditional love.
  Aids in healing emotional wounds.
  Promotes peace, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, gentleness, tolerance, and nurturing.
  Said to protect during pregnancy and childbirth.
  Balances emotions and enhances a positive outlook, joy and oneness.
  Helps people develop strong friendships and love in marriage.

Zodiac Stone:       Aries (Ancient), Taurus
Birthstone:            January (Ancient)

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 4th Chakra that is the Heart Chakra.
Used as a healing aid for the Heart Chakra.
Opens the Heart Chakra to love: family love, platonic love, romantic love, and self-love.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Rutilated Quartz:

  A stone of power.
  Popularly known as Venus-hair or angel hair quartz.
  The needle inclusions adds intensity and transmission power to the quartz crystal.
  Used to stimulate the mind, inspiration, and clairvoyance.
  Said to be an important healing stone.
  Used for all purpose general protection.
  Aides in illuminating the soul.
  Helps to energize and cleanse.
  Removes barriers to spiritual growth.
  Filters negative energy .
  Excellent for soothing dark moods, relieving fears, phobias and anxieties.

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 1st Chakra that is the Root Chakra.
Also associated with the 2nd Sacral Chakra, 3rd Solar Plexus Chakra, 5th Throat Chakra, 6th Third Eye Chakra, and 7th Crown Chakra.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Sodalite:

  It clears up mental confusion and bring inner peace.
  Will harmonize the conscious and subconscious mind.
  Promotes peace and harmony.
  Draws wisdom.
  It dispels fear and strengthens the power of mind over body.
  Helps unite the logical with the spiritual.
  Balances both halves of the brain and bridges the gap between thoughts and feelings.
  It enhances communications skills and thoughts. 
  It fosters intelligence, knowledge, learning, and logic.

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 5th Chakra that is the Throat Chakra.
Also associated with the 6th Chakra that is the Third Eye Chakra.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Tiger's Eye:

  It is the stone for the mind.
  Aids in clear thinking, insight, personal power, optimism, grounding.
  Focuses and directs the mind, giving one the feeling of oneness.
  It makes one aware of one's own needs related to the needs of others..
  Used as all purpose general protection, psychic protection, and protection during physical travel.
  Aids in manifesting will, courage, and confidence.
  Said to be lucky when worn as jewelry.

Zodiac Stone:                       Pisces, Gemini, Capricorn (ancient)
Birthstone:                            November (ancient)
Planetary Stone:                  Mercury
Anniversary Stone:              39th

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 3rd Chakra that is the Solar Plexus Chakra.
Also associated with the 1st Base Chakra and the 2nd Sacral Chakra.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Turquoise:

  Known as a symbol of wealth in many ancient cultures.
  Aids in attracting friendships, luck, and happiness.
  Used for spiritual attunement, grounding, vision quests and astral travel.
  Excellent for healing of the energy centers and the physical body.
  It purifies all levels of being and is capable of handling strong negativity.
  Aids in releasing shame and guilt.
  Used as all purpose general protection, protection from evil, and protection from injury.
  A stone of strength, friendship, and good fortune.
  Said to have psychic sensitivity and connection to the spirit world.

Zodiac Stone:                       Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Sagittarius (ancient)
Birthstone:                            July (ancient), June, December (modern)
Ancient Birthstone:              (Polish, Russian) - December
Planetary Stone:                  Uranus, Venus, Jupiter
Anniversary Stone:              11th, 55th

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 5th Chakra that is the Throat Chakra.
Also associated with the 4th Heart Chakra.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Unakite:

  A grounding stone.
  Promotes balance and emotional stability.
  Said to be used to uncover deception and enhance foresight.

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 4th Chakra that is the Heart Chakra.
Can be used to draw off negative energy and blockage from the Heart Chakra.
Also associated with the 1st Base Chakra and the 6th Third Eye Chakra.