Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cookie Walk ... mmm coookiees!

          I found out that downtown Oak Park was having a cookie walk this December. For the life of me I couldn't figure out what the heck a cookie walk could be. But it really is a fun idea, here let me explain. You buy a special cookie tin and then you walk around to all the participating boutiques and little shops in the area and collect your cookies. It is a really cool idea to get people in the shops and to buy locally. Many of the goodies are made right there in the local pastry shops. Yum!!

Fussy waiting while I went into the shop collecting cookies.

          We decided to take Fussy on our cookie walk. She was so stoked, until we had to wait in line for our tin. She couldn't figure out what we were waiting for, she wanted to go, go, go. Fussy was a huge hit with all the kids walking around down there. I was so proud of Fussy as she was on her very best behavior, she minded her manner and didn't bark back at dogs who barked at her.

"Let's GO!!!"

          Poor Fussy she wanted to follow me into all the shops, but there was one shop she could. There was one fancy pet shop with homemade doggie biscuits and other neat items. The shop even had a bowl of water that Fussy was happy to find. Not only did we collect our cookie from that shop they even handed Fussy some dog cookies. Fussy was so thrilled!

Our big cookie haul.
          It had been quite some time since the last time I actually walked around in downtown Oak Park. This cookie walk was a great way to check out what was down there. I have to say I did find some shops that I would love to go back and give a proper visit to. One of them being that aroma filled popcorn shop .... mmmm, it had my nose working over time. We had such a great time walking through the shops, greeting lots of people, collecting fancy cookies, and just enjoying the whole holiday atmosphere. It was so much fun I would love to do it again next year.

"My cookies!"
And yes, Fussy in the end did get to share in the cookies that had doggie safe ingredients.
I love happy endings!

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