Saturday, June 23, 2012

9 Updated Designs - Find Out Which Dogs

          I know it has been a while since the last time I posted. Well that is becuase I have been busy, look......updated crate tags! Sure I still have not gotten to the about 36 recognized AKC dog breeds I am missing, but I just felt compelled to revisit a few breeds to make them better. Artist, we are our toughest critics and are never satisfied with our work. Always looking for ways to improve our art so it matches what we see in our minds eye.

          Are you excited to see what I have done? Then lets get to it! First up is the Afghan Hound. I have fixed the color for the Afghan Hound to look more realistic. I think you will find it a much more pleasing color now. This design is without a beard at this time but I do plan on offering a bearded version later.

          The Ibizan Hound I redid the color and design. Now it looks more like a sleek sighthound then my previous design. New Ibizan Hound colors will come later. Like I have stated before, sooner or later I will get around to making a design for each of a breed's colors.

          This next breed I have previously made several different design improvements. But I just wasn't completely satisfied with the results, until now. The Pharaoh Hound didn't need any color tweaking so I only needed to redo the design.

          The Australian Terrier I have been wanting for a very long time to redo. This breed was part of the first batch of crate tags I had originally done. I thought it was high time to revisit this little terrier. I redid both design an color.

          The Border Terrier is another breed I have been wanting to redo from my original crate tags. I tweaked up the design and redid the coloring. Later I will do the Border Terrier in a red like I had in the previous version of this crate tag.

          Yet another breed long over due for a make over. The Norfolk Terrier has a new design and coloring. I revamped the look of this breed's ear and I think the result looks very good. In my opinion it gives this breed kind of a cute look. What do you think?

          The Norwich Terrier I cleaning up its design and give it a new color. Not to fear later on I will bring back a red colored Norwich Terrier. I just figured this color would be more popular with lovers of this breed.

          This next crate tag I redid wasn't because I was unhappy with its looks it is just I thought I could do it much better. I wanted the Rottweiler to look more mature and and filled out also to improve its stance. So I redid the design and only tweaked the coloring.

          The Samoyed I wanted to do away with the tongue showing in the old design so that is what I did. I also greatly improved its overall shape and made changes to the coloring. No I didn't do away with the white, you silly. But I did rework the dog's colored shading.

          There you have it! The nine updated crate tags, improved for the better. The next batch of designs I will be working on are a few breeds that I currently have patterns for but have not been listed for sale in ages. I will give them their over due makeover so I can at long last offer them for sale once again.