Friday, November 16, 2012

New Option... Magnet!

NEW Dog magnet option

          A customer contacted me and asked if they could get my Crate Tag in a magnet instead. They didn't use crates and wasn't wanting to hang it anywhere. I thought, what a fabulous idea! Thanks to that customer I am happy to announce that my single sided TAG-A-LONGS now have a magnet option.

          With this being a new option I wont have a complete set of photos for every breed. However, as I get sales for this item I will take the new photos as I go along.

          This new option is already listed on my website. In my Etsy shop as I relist my crate tags I will fix my listings to reflect this new option. As time permits I will being to fix my Bonanza and Zibbet shop to also include this option. It may take a long time to change the listings for those two shops, if you place an order just let me know if you want the crate tag in a magnet.

          Currently I am undecided if I should provide this option for my eBay listings. The next time I list on eBay will be in December, unless eBay has a listings sale.

Backside of magnet

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