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Dog Commands in Different Languages

Part 1

          I am sure many of you are wondering why anyone would teach a dog in another language, let alone a language the owner most likely doesn't even know. More often then not dogs trained in protection work will know commands in another language. This is to keep anyone but the handler in control of the dog. Even some regular obedience trainers like this idea, they find it less confusing for a dog out in public. Then a bystander saying "down", if a dog knows the command as "platz", won't get distracted.

          Seeing as how I am not fluent in any other language other then English I had to look toward the internet for help. I didn't use anything like Google translator. That is because without how a word is used correctly or its definition you could end up with the wrong word. (Wont you then look silly running into someone who does know German!) Instead, I searched for many sites that have compiled their own lists. I did find conflicting information so that is why many commands have multiple words. Please be aware that the words used may still be incorrect. Do your own research for the correct words, how to say and use them correctly, and for a more complete list.

          Another point I want you to be aware of, if you live in a community that has people who speak Italian, Chinese, Polish, etc. then using those languages would be counterproductive. If you live in the United States, you will want to avoid using Spanish. If you live in or near Canada, you may want to avoid using French. You see what I am getting at? I am hearing that Mandarin is a very popular language being used around the world, so you may want to avoid using that language.

          Are you fluent in a language other then English? If so please help me out and tell me if I have something listed below wrong, alternatively if you can help add to the list. I will update this post as I get more information or corrections.

Please note words in italics are phonetic spellings.

Sit:                    Sit
(lie) Down:       
Come /Here:     Hier / Kom
Stay:                 Bly
Heel:                Heel

Sit:                    Ulu
(lie) Down:        Bir
Come /Here:     Eja
Stay:                 Ndalu
Heel:                Këmbë

Sit:                    Nesti
(lie) Down:        Tzatz
Come /Here:     Ari
Stay:                 Cepasi
Heel:                Kaili
Stand:               Khangeni

Sit:                                Zu
(lie) Down:                    Wo
Come /Here:                 Lie
Stay:                             Ting
Heel:                            Kow
Good Dog:                    How-Go
No!! [Correction Word]:  Fay
Out:                              Fah
Stand:                           Lee
Retrieve /Fetch /Bring:   Shen
Track:                           Sooo
Jump /Up /Hop:             Teeow
Search:                          Go-shen
Speak /Bark:                 Jow
Bite:                             Shee

Sit:                    Sjedi
(lie) Down:        Lezi
Come /Here:     Dođi
Stay:                 Čekaj
Heel:                Uz

Sit:                                Sedni (said nee) / Sadmi
(lie) Down:                    Lehni (leh nee) / Lachni
Come/Here:                  Ke Mně (khemn yea) / Kemne
Stay:                             Stuj /Zustaň / Sostan / Stuy (Vstan)
Heel:                            K Noze (kno zay) / Knohay
Good [praise]:                Hodny (hout nee)
Good Dog:                    Hodni
No!! [Correction Word]:  Fuj (pfui)
Leave it:                       Nech to
Out /Let Go:                  Pust (pusht)
Go Out:                         Vpred (va porshed)
Go Outside:                   Jdi ven
Stand:                           Stan / Stuj (stuuya) / Zustan
Kennel /Crate:               Kotec
Watch:                          Pass Auf
Retrieve /Fetch /Bring:   Apport / Aport
Track:                           Stoba / Stopa
Jump /Up /Hop:             Hopp / Hop / Skoc
OK:                              Vyborne
Eat food:                       Vem si
Crawl:                           Plac
Speak /Bark:                 Stakei / Stekej (esteke)
Search:                         Revier / Herdai
Article Search:              Hledej Oznac
Building /Blind Search:  Revir (revere)
Go Ahead:                    Volno
Go Inside:                     Pojd sem
Guard:                          Pozor
Bite:                             Drz (dursh) / Fass

Sit:                    Sit
(lie) Down:        Daek
Come /Here:     Kom / Her
Stay:                 Bliv
Heel:                Plads

Sit:                                Zit / Sit
(lie) Down:                    Af / Liggen / Lig
Come /Here:                 Hier / Hierr
Stay:                             Blÿf / Blijf / Bliff
Wait:                            Wacht
Heel:                            left=Volg, right= Rechts / Pfallow
Good [Praise]:                Braaf / Goedzo
Good Dog:                    Bravy
No!! [Correction Word]:  Pfui / Foei
No /Leave It! /Don’t!:   Hou Op / Stop
Leave It:                       Los
Give:                             Geef Hier
Out /Let Go:                  Los / Loslaten (those-lawten)
Out:                              Loos
Go Out:                         Voruit / Voraus
Go Outside:                   Naar Buiten
Stand:                           Staan / Blijf / Steh Auf
Kennel /Crate:               Hok / Kennel
In The Car:                   In Vagen
Watch:                          Pass Op
Retrieve /Fetch /Bring:   Apport
Track:                           Keuring/Zoek
Jump /Up /Hop:             Hopp / Over / Spring!
Play Dead:                    Speel Dood
Speak /Bark:                 Blaf / Gib Laut / Blaffen (blauffen) / Luid
Search:                          Revier / Sook / Zoek
Article Search:               Zoek
Building /Blind Search:   Revieren (ray-fee-eren)
Go Ahead:                    Voor Uit / Vrij
Go Inside:                     Ga De In
Guard:                          Bewaken (bay-wawken)
Attack:                         Val Aan
Bite:                             Fast / Stellen

Sit:                    Istu
(lie) Down:        Lama
Come /Here:     Siia
Stay:                 Seisa
Heel:                Kõlval

Sit:                    Istu
(lie) Down:        Maahan
Come /Here:     Tule
Stay:                 Paikka
Heel:                Seuraa

Sit:                    Zit
(lie) Down:        Liggen
Come /Here:     Kom
Stay:                 Blÿf
Heel:                Dicht / Voet

Sit:                                            Upo
(lie) Down:                                Higa
Come /Here:                             Dito
Wait:                                        Antay
Out /No /Leave It! /Don’t!:        Labas
Give:                                         Bigay
Stand:                                       Tayo
Jump /Up /Hop:                         Talon
Speak /Bark:                             Kahol
Search:                                     Hanap
Go Ahead:                                Alis
Attack:                                      Sugod

Sit:                                Assis (ah-see) / Assi / Asseids (ah-see-ey)
(lie) Down:                    Coucher (coo-shay) / Couche (coo-shay) (koosh) / Wo-sha / Couché
Come /Here:                 Ici (e see) (eh-see) / Viens / Vien
Stay:                             Reste (rest) / Vest / Attend
Heel:                            Au pied (oh-pee-aye) / Aupie
Good [praise]:                Bon Garcon (bon gar-scon)
Good Dog:                    C'est Bien
No!! [Correction Word]:  Non / Mauvais / Mechant / Peu Pas
Leave it:                       Laisse / Pas Touche (pa-too-shay)
Out /Let Go:                  Halte (alt) / Donne (don-aye) (dun)
Out:                              Halt
Go Out:                         En Avant (on-a-vahn) (onn-avauhnn)
Go Outside:                   Dehors
Stand:                           Debout (da-boo)
Kennel /Crate:               Chenil
Watch:                          Attention
Retrieve /Fetch /Bring:   Rapporte (aport) / Apporte
Track:                           Piste (piss-te)
Jump /Up /Hop: Saute (soot) / Aller
OK:                              D'accord
Eat food:                       Mange
Speak /Bark:                 Aboie (ah-bwaa) / Parle / Aboy
Search:                          Searche /Cherche (sherch)
Article Search:               Recherche D'article
Building /Blind Search:   Cherche (sherch)
Go Ahead:                    Vas
Go Inside:                     Monte / Entre
Guard:                          Garde (guard)
Bite:                             Attach / Attaque / Mord

Sit:                                Katse (Κάτσε)
(lie) Down:                    Kato (Kάτω)
Come /Here:                 Ela (Έλα)
Stay:                             Μine (Mείνε)
Wait:                            Perimene (Περίμενε)
Heel:                            Fterna (Φτέρνα) but for dogs use Pothi (Πόδι) which is Paw/Foot*
Good [praise]:                Orea (Ωραία) / but mostly often Bravo used.
No!! [Correction Word]: Ohi (Όχι)
Leave it:                       Αs'to (Άσ'το)
Drop It:                         Petaxe to (Πέταξε το)
Go Out:                         Ekso (Έξω)
Stand:                           Siko (Σήκω)
Stop:                             Stamata (Σταμάτα)
Watch Me:                    Κita me (Kοίτα με)
Eat food:                       Fae (Φάε)
Speak /Bark:                 Mila (Μίλα) / Gavgise (Γαύγισε)
Find:                             Vres (Bρες)
Get Help:                      Fere (Φέρε) / Vres Voithia (Βρες Βοήθεια) **

*th as in that
**th as in think

Sit:                                Sitz (siitz) / Setz
(lie) Down:                    Platz (plats)
Come /Here:                 Hier (hee er) / Komm / Chum
Stay:                             Bleib (bly'b)
Heel:                            Fuss (fooss) / Fuß
Good [praise]:                So Ist Brav
Good Dog:                    Bravy
No!! [Correction Word]:  Pfui (fooey) / Nein (nine)
Leave it:                       Lass Es
Out /Let Go:                  Aus (owss)
Go Out:                         Voraus (for owss)
Go Outside:                   Geh Raus/Geh Draussen
Stand:                           Schtey Auf / Steh (shtay)
Kennel /Crate:               Zwinger / Box
In The Car:                   In Vagen
Watch:                          Pass Auf
Retrieve /Fetch /Bring:   Bring (brrring) / Bringst
Track:                           Sook / Such (tsuuk)
Jump /Up /Hop:             Hopp
OK:                              In Ordnung
Eat food:                       Nimm Futter
Crawl:                           Krieg
Speak /Bark:                 Gib Laut (gheblout)
Search:                          Sook / Voran
Article Search:               Such Verloren
Building /Blind Search:   Voran / Revier
Go Ahead:                    Geh Voraus
Go Inside:                     Geh rein (gay rine)
Guard:                          Pass Auf / Wache
Bite:                             Packen / Fass

Please come back on Friday to see part 2.

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