Friday, April 26, 2013

Dog Product Review - Patagonia Wild Hare Ears

          As many of you know I like to buy some of the deals on Doggyloot, and recently they have had some really cool items. It was hard but I controlled myself so I don't go broke! But...I did cave on just a couple of things like Patagonia Wild Hare Ears.

         My older dog Fussy can't chew some of the harder dog chews like she used to be able to do. Back when she was young her brother would often begin gnawing Fussy's tougher chews (like rawhide and other big bones), then we would take it way from him and give it to her. Without her brother getting it started and softer for her she usually wouldn't even try chewing on it until then. In her younger days she used to eat cow and pig ears but as she got older we switched to lamb ears. However now she wont even touch any of those ears. So when I saw Doggyloot with a deal on Patagonia Hare ears I thought these might be small, thin, and not grease for her.

          Opening a package of anything is like music to the ears of a English Springer Spaniel. Doesn't matter if it isn't for them or even something they don't like the noise will give you their undivided attention. Fussy sat there waiting very patiently and I hand her the ear. Now for the moment of truth, will she or wont she eat it. I watched her as she walked off with the ear tucked discreetly in her mouth. Out in the dinning room she puts it down and walks away. For Fussy this isn't either a good or bad sign as she will do this most things. She isn't called Fussy for nothing! She is also cautious eater with any new food or treat. I hand her back the ear and she takes it once again. BINGO, she laid down and began chew it!

Click photo to enlarge to see detail

          Fussy didn't budge until she finished the whole ear, which is a good sign that she enjoyed it. These ears are smaller then lamb ears and much thinner perfect for a dog like Fussy. I had even more proof that she likes these when I was taking photos or this blog post. I pulled out a few of the ears to take some photos and when the smell reached her nose she got excited. I would say that makes these a keeper!


  1. I've never heard of these for dogs before, how interesting!

    1. Me either. Another interesting thing I have recently seen is rabbit ears with the fur still on. They say the fur acts like fiber in the dog's system, not sure if it really does.