Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fussy Plays Homemade Tennis Ball Game

Interactive dog games are getting popular, but some can be expensive. While I was on Google+ this great idea to make your own game came across my feed.

All you need is an old muffin pan, enough tennis balls to fill each hole, and small yummy dog treats. Place the dog treat in all or some of the holes then place the tennis balls on top. Then present the game to your dog. Easy, cheep, and fun!

For those of you with tiny dogs there are special tiny sized tennis balls you can find online or in pet stores. Then for the pan buy the one for the mini sized muffins.

This video was taken after Fussy had played this game for the third time (if I remember that right). What is interesting is she isn't into tennis balls but she came up with the idea to pick them up with her mouth all on her own. I originally showed her how to get the balls out with her feet.

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