Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dog Product Review - Green, an interactive feeder

          Are you familiar with DoggyLoot, it is similar to Groupons but for dog related stuff. I've been a member for awhile and I am glad I signed up. They have some interesting offers and items, my latest purchase through DoggyLoot was something called Green. Basically Green is an "interactive" dog feeder (or use it for treats.

            I have been looking for new ways to give Fussy my older dog some mental stimulation. She isn't interested in dog toys and because of arthritis her back end tires easily. Taking her walks (nearly everyday) was is good exercise for both of us and is perfect for keeping a mind sharp. But I want to find something else I can do with her at home.

          One day I open DoggyLoot's email and there is this weird cartoony looking faux grass thing. What the heck, I click on it to get more details. It wasn't until after I watched to company's video that I was impressed with it. Boom! Done deal, so I buy the thing. So far my purchases from DoggyLoot don't take long to show up on my doorstep. I open the box and there it is. I was surprised a bit that it was a hard plastic and not something with a tiny bit of bend to it. But the super thing is it is easy to clean! Things that make my life easier I love. It is sorta hard to see in the photo but the middle of the thing is raised up making it look like a little hill. That way dogs can work the food/treats out of the "blades of grass". Now the big test..... what will Fussy think of this strange contraption?

          I take a few of her favorite dog treats and sprinkle them inside the Green and stood back. Instantly Fussy's nose goes into high gear. At first she thinks this is some sort of barrier, she looked at me and I told her "It's for you, go ahead!" After that she dove right in hunting down each speck of treat, all the while I could hear her nose sniffing so loudly and rapidly.

           So I can confidently say that the Green was a good buy. I would give it a thumbs up and if Fussy also had thumbs she would also.

          I thought it would be neat to video her using the Green, this was her second encounter with it. There is no sound to the video so it is safe to view anywhere.

          Looking to get in on DoggyLoot? Sign up for free by using this link:

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