Saturday, March 2, 2013

Havanese Lovers Now Have More Choices

          This year I had large orders for Havanese crate tags and a request for new colors, I love requests. As you Havanese lovers already know I have had the black and white color for quite some time now. I am happy be now present two, yes that's right, count'em two new colors! Introducing the red sable & white and gold.

          I am not a expert in every dog breed, so I am very appreciative to those who are and willing to help give me feedback. It makes for a better representation of breed and/or color.

          Don't forget all my single sided crate tags now come with the option of getting them in a magnet. Cool, right?!

          When I create a new pattern I first like to do research, this is the most important step to getting the dog breed right. Then I will do a preliminary sketch, followed by selecting yarns I think will work best. The limited yarn pallet I have to work with can be frustrating at times, some shades just don't have the gradation I need. This was the case for the gold Havanese, it made for a challenge that I was determined to raise to.

          Some patterns go so smoothly, while others like the gold color can put up a fight. Just because something looks good in your mind's eye or on paper doesn't always translate to the yarn when stitched. It was on the fourth time stitching (and a good long break in between) did I finally nail it. Whew! It may have been hard work but the reward of a lovely finished piece is sooooo worth it!

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