Friday, November 4, 2011

Simple Dog Grooming Tips That You May Not Know

Here are a few dog grooming tips you should find helpful and make job go easier.
õ When brushing your dog bush out the tips of the fur first and continue brushing your way up to the dog's skin. You will find it much easier to get your dog completely bushed out this way than staring from the top down.
õ Instead of buying a pin brush made for dogs get a human hairbrush. I like using my Suave cushioned paddle style pin brush. I am finding that is has lasted much longer than my dog pin brushes. I find that when a dog pin brush ages the rubber that holds the pins in place start to crack and break apart.
õ When dealing with a large mat sometimes it is just best to take a pair of scissors and cut the mat in half. It is much easier to rake out two smaller mats and one large one. Then with my mat raker I work it so that I keep dividing the mat into smaller and smaller pieces. I like to I like to call it my "Divide and Conquer" method.
õ Say you have a dirty dog with a few tiny mats here and there what is the first thing you want to do. Give him a bath right? Wrong! You should always thoroughly brush out your dog first. What this does is removes dead hairs and mats. Washing a mat helps to lock it in and you don't want that. Also if you were also going to give him a haircut after his bath do a little pre-trim before hand. It will give you less hair to wash and dry.
õ Remember if you are grooming a very matted dog it is going to take a long time to groom out so please let the dog have some break times. You don't need to have a stressed out dog any more stressed, besides you could probably use a break to.
Happy grooming!

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