Friday, November 18, 2011

Enter to Win One of 4 Pet Collar Charms

          Recently FamilyStitchery contacted me about hosting a giveaway for me. I hadn't planned on another giveaway not until sometime next year. But I thought why not, besides you are all worth it!

          To enter go to FamilyStitchery's blog, there you will find multiple ways to enter. Don't worry entering is simple. The giveaway runs from now until December 12th. Tell everyone you know to enter, the more the merrier.

          The winner will get to choose from one of four dog/pet collar charms. Why four choices? Because it is more fun that way! Besides that way whether you have a male or female pet the prize with fit either. Hey, after all who here doesn't love having options. Even if you don't own a pet these can be used as a decorative zipper pull on a jacket, purse, or anywhere. Or better yet the holidays are coming and this would be great to give as a gift.

          Don't forget that when you are done entering my giveaway Family Stitchery is host many other giveaways for you to enter. Someone is going to win, shouldn't it be you? So get in there and good luck!

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