Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Rant About ...... Socks?

This is an open letter to socks. That is right, everyday ordinary socks.

Dear socks,

When you go into the laundry where do some of you really go? Is is something like 'Toy Story', when I am not looking you move about with some of you getting lost or just plain runaway. Or, is it something more philosophical, like once you leave my line of sight you just cease to exist.

When you come out of the dryer what is up with the little balled up bits of sock lint in the toe? I know it is there after every time I dry them but yet, I still fall into the trap of putting those nice clean socks on only to have to pull them off again to empty out that lint.

With all this technology in the world with things like computers, iPhones, and cars that park them selves yet people are still making socks with the seam in the toe. Why?!

When I wear you inside my winter boots, why do you start sliding off my foot? Are you trying to escape because it is to hot in there for you or what?

Sock monkeys? Why never sock birds, sock shrimp, or a sock T-Rex?

What kind of bazaar hold do you have over old men who wear you with sandals and shorts? And why is it always a dark colored sock, do they stay up better then the light colored?

Don't even get me started on socks with toes!

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