Thursday, October 27, 2011

Medicine for Dog's Infected with Heartworm no Longer Available?

          I had heard through the grapevine that the medication to treat dogs infected with heartworm was never going to be available again or having some sort of problem. So I started searching the internet for info on the situation. It sounds like that the company Merial that produces the only medication approved  for use in the USA is having technical problems in the plant that produces melarsomine. Not good news for dogs infected with adult heartworms.

          Here is a link you can follow to keep you updated on any developments:  I just came across this article posted on October 7 that states that a limited supply of the medication is now available. Keep your fingers crossed for those unfortunate doggies that are in need of this treatment that the supply become easier to obtain.

          While wondering around trying to get the story on this problem I came across a very intresting blog that I wanted to share with you about heartworm. WARNING: Before you read this I want to state something first. Never take anyone's word without doing your own research, especialy when it come to the matter of health. I also don't endorse any outside link I post on my blog unless stated otherwise. Ok now with that said here is the link: Terrierman's Daily Dose

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