Monday, October 17, 2011

I Just Listed Some New Dog Collar Charms

          In between my down time from stitching I have been making some more Pet Collar Charms. Keep check back on my ArtFire store for more newly added Charms.

          Ever since I learned how to wire wrap I have been having such a great time making my Dog Jewelry. I have been refining my skills and scouring the internet for new techniques to learn. Some of the new techniques I have learned came from some super talented artists on ArtFire. And of course catinalife has helped me the most. She is just the kindest person and the most incredible craftswoman.

          In the beginning I had a limited amount of supplies but since then it has been slowly growing. Every time I am on the computer or at a bead supply store I have been keeping my eye out for special supplies. I don't really plan in advance what I want to make, although there are sometimes I do. I like to look at my beads and findings and let them "speak" to me. Often times I will sit down with all my beading supplies surrounding me and I will look for that one focal piece. I will then lay it out before me and contemplate for a little while while I envision what the piece "wants" to be.

          I still have a few more supply orders to place before I sit down and start making more Doggie Bling. Although I will have to admit I was getting itchy fingers the last two days so I made three new pieces. Unfortunately for you they wont be released until later. Don't be to sad, at least I am listing 10 NEW Dog Charms now. (Keep check back at my store to see when they all have been finished being posted.)

          Before I end this post I want to give you a little teaser of what I will be listing very soon. Well, I have been wanting to do something special with my Dog Collar Charms. I will leave you with one word.............Sets.

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