Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Animal Rescue Tweets

          On Twitter every weekend I will be tweeting one animal rescue. The rescue doesn't necessarily need to be dog related just animal related. It may be a rescue that does one particular breed of animal or a group of many different animal. It doesn't even have to be related to domestic animals.
          If you have an animal rescue that you would like to see me tweet please leave your suggestions along with the rescue's link in the comments below.

*Note: Neither my tweets or my blog post are an endorsement of any rescue. As with any charity or organization please do your own research into any group before donating your money.

 UPDATED Every Weekend

I thought it would be a great idea to post all the wonderful rescues that I have tweeted so far. Also this way others can find and read this information in a more permanent place.

3-19-11     House Rabbit Society                        on Twitter @Houserabbit
3-27-11     English Springer Rescue America        on Twitter @esralistings
4-2-11       Wings of Wonder Avian Rescue
4-9-11       Colorado reptile humane society          on Twitter @corhs
4-16-11     Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue

Want to see the full list of rescue links?
Then click the link image below.


  1. This is a group that was brought to my attention from someone who volunteers there. She was looking for decorations for their upcoming Breakfast with the Babies event. She found me on Artfire!

    Lindsey of CardstockEquine

  2. That is an amazing rescue! I had no idea that there was an need for this type of rescue.

    For the rest of you you gotta read about Angel. This is an incredible story that will full your heart and make you cry. I am crying just thinking about it right now.