Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Plastic Canvas Tips

ïPlastic Canvas Needlepoint Tipsð

If you need to cut out multiples of a design or you know you will be cutting out more in the future make a template.  To make a template follow your pattern, mark and cut out the plastic canvas. You now have a template. Next, all you need to do is now place the template on top of another piece of plastic canvas and cut out your pattern.

Now you have your template what do you do with them to keep them safe? If you have many templates like me, you will want to store them in an accordion style folder. That type of folder has plenty of give for expansion. Or be creative and repurpose something you have laying around your house.

Argh! The plastic canvas you have been stitching on broke. What do you do? Say some choice words and throw out your work. STOP! Depending on how bad the brake is it still may be saved. If the break isn’t in a “load baring” spot and is only a little break you can glue it.

Get out your super glue and a toothpick. I like to use Loctite super glue ultra gel. It comes in an easy to dispense bottle and the nozzle doesn't clog up in between uses. The gel super glues seem to work best as they aren't runny. The toothpick will help you administer the right amount of glue into tight places.  Put a tiny bit of glue on your toothpick and glue the plastic canvas back together.

You may need to hold the broken section until the glue can take hold so that it glues correctly. Let it fully dry and then you are ready to continue stitching. Whew, a near catastrophe averted.(NOTE: Make sure you are not using glue that expands. A little drop of that type of glue can expand more than expected. You don’t want to fix the canvas only to have no room to pass a needle and yarn through.)

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