Saturday, March 26, 2011

Love Dogs? How about the rest of his family?

         In my wondering about the internet I came across a website called Canid Specialist Group. They are the world's chief body of experts on the status and conservation of all canid species. There mission is to: Promote the long-term conservation of all Canid species throughout their ranges. They have a internet mailing list that is free to sign up for, I just signed up today for it myself.
          They have a section were you can look up information on the various Canids. For each species they have their common and scientific name, a photo, their status in the wild, a map of their range, description, and more. If you click on the range map you can get even more information. Lots of fascinating information you should check it out.
          When you go to their site you will see it says it was last updated it 2008, not to fear I contacted them and they are alive an well, they just lack the funds to update the site. If you would like to help this nearly all volunteer organization to do more to further the conservation of canids around the world please donate to this worthy cause. If you are unable to donate money please at least be kind enough to help get to word out about this organization. Tweet it, blog it, put it on Facebook, tell anyone who will listen every little bit helps.

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