Thursday, March 24, 2011

Free Doggie Pattern

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BROWN DOG with White Patch
By Linda Davis of BarLee Creations & Design

Plastic Canvas used:

Red Heart worsted weight Yarn used:
4’ 3”   Brown
4’       Café
18’     Warm Brown
12 ½” White
(Add extra yarn for personal stitching discrepancies or mistakes.)

Stitches used:
Detail Stitch
Continental/Tent Stitch (Optional)
Overcast/Whip Stitch (Optional)

Detail Stitch Chart
(Either diagram is fine so is working counter clockwise.)

Brown Dog is 21x26

Color chart
¨  Brown
¨  Café
¨  Warm Brown
¨  White

Remember, always read instructions fully before starting a project.

The Brown Dog can be worked either on a piece or plastic canvas or as a cut out (see my How-To Instructions page). You can use a full or partial piece of plastic canvas. Stitch the Brown Dog according to the chart and than with a Continental Stitch fill in the background to your liking.
When working the Brown Dog as a cut out you will need to cut 2 pieces according to the pattern. Stitch the 1st cut out piece facing left and the 2nd facing right. Stitch each following the pattern making sure not to stitch to the edge (that will come later). When you have done that, you will then be able to Whip Stitch them together. What I find that works best if you start with the piece that faces left and start stitching on the dog’s neck.
NOTE: Where you start Whip Stitching is the same place you will end. At the end of the Whip Stitch your needle will need to be able to lock the tail end of the yarn inside between the two halves of plastic canvas. The needle needs to be able to pass through and be removed from the other side.
You will need to “pre load” the yarn for your Whip Stitch (see Fig.9). This pattern calls for four different colors so that is how many you will “pre load”. To “pre load”, insert your first color into where you will start your Whip Stitch. Insert your next yarn color where the pattern indicates. Do the same for the rest of the yarn colors. Whip Stitch until you come to the color change. At that time, you will then “pre load” the color you have on your needle into the next plastic canvas stitch according to the pattern and pick up the next color. Repeat this process all the way to the end. Fasten off the last yarn and you’re done.

***This is free for your own personal use I love sharing information but please don’t steal my photos or ideas for profit.***

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