Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fussy whooped it up at the block party.

          Over the Labor Day weekend there was a block party I took Fussy to. Fussy though the idea of being able to run around in the street was very awesome. Fussy's strutting around attracted the attention of all the little kids and the flocked over to pet her and Fussy's buddy Beethoven.

          Fussy enjoyed all the petting, but she had hoped that at least one of the kids would have had food. What can I say....she travels on her stomach. After kids went back to playing it was time for Fussy to hit the tables and see if anyone wanted to share some of the tasty food with her. Sadly for Fussy all she got from everyone was a petting.
"Fussy quit begging food from people."
          Then it was time to once again zoom around! Fussy had a ball running this way and that. At one point we found ourselves in the path the kids were traveling with their bikes. Fussy wanted to follow along, who am I to squash her little dreams so follow along we went. The one thing I wouldn't let her do was jump the curbs, she kept trying to jump off and over them but each time I stopped her, I couldn't let her flip her wheelchair on the curbs. We walked this way and that way....Fussy was rolling everywhere, even the basketball game was no deterrent to her.

           The weather that day wasn't to bad thankfully, up to that point it had be hot and very muggy. I had worried if it was going to be cool enough for the dogs but it worked out fine, we even had a decent breeze blow through every now and again. When the dogs weren't wondering around we had them lay down on two big fluffy dog beds. Throughout the day the kids kept coming by to pet the dogs before they took off to go back playing. Everyone had a very nice day.

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