Thursday, August 7, 2014

Splish Splash, It's a Dog Pool Party

Fussy in the pool
          It has been years since the last time we bought a kiddie wading pool for the dogs, so this year we searched around for a nice big deep one. With all that has been going on here I hadn't had the time to put it out and get it filled. This Monday I said nuts to this I'm putting out the pool for the dogs!

          I was so excited, I envisioned all my dogs splashing about in the cool water and running around with their pool toys. Ahhh, they are going to love it! Patio all cleaned up, put down the mat and placed the pool on top of it. At this point all the dogs were showing interest in my odd activity. Now to just pull out the hose and get this baby filled! At this point all three of the girls are just milling about the yard wondering why they haven't gone back into the house. Just you puppies wait and see what I've got for you.

          The pool at this point is now a quarter way filled and a great point to put Fussy my 13 year old disabled dog in. Fussy comes wandering over and goes "Great a drinking fountain!" She starts drinking and I then pick her up (because there is no way she could get in on her own) and put her in the water. Now Fussy when she was younger loved swimming in lakes, real pools, and even in wadding pools. The look on Fussy's face was unsure but she continued on with drinking the water. At this point I'm feeling fairly good about this and grab my camera for some photos. As soon as she spotted the camera it was all over (she hates having her photo taken). Fussy was like "Yup, now I know I really don't like being in here. Get me out!" Not to worry I though, I still had the other two girls who I know is going to have a great time. I pull Fussy out of the pool and she makes a mad dash away, well, in her her own fashion of dashing away which makes her look like a seal as she drags her back legs behind her.

"Get me out!"
          The pool continued to fill. Now it was time for Cahokia and Sunka to get in. Cahokia was the first to wander over, she to started drinking the water. I told her she could get in which peaked her interest. This time I had a dog who looked like she wanted to get in. With a bit of a nudge I got her in. She walked around slurping up the water and then stopped, stood there smiled. Score! We have a happy doggie!

Cahokia enjoying the cool water
          Sunka your are up next! With her sister drinking and splashing around in the pool Sunka felt compelled to see what this pool was all about. Maybe a drinking some pool water will put her more at ease, all the while she kept giving me glances. She even tried to put her foot in the water and then thought better of it. So I helped walk her in one foot at a time. She took a few steps and then looked up at me as to say "Why would you do this to me?" It didn't take much longer after that that she hopped out and wondered away. This is not how I thought my pool party would go. Two dogs out of three didn't want anything to do with the water, not only that but Fussy insisted on going inside. Does that make me a failure? The odds weren't good that was for sure but there was on silver-lining and that was Cahokia.

Sunka came over to see what her sister was up to.

          Cahokia was having a ball digging in the water and chasing all the pool toys. She just kept bring us the toys for us to throw into the water. I had her jumping in and out so many times she started to get tired which was something because it is so hard to tire her out.

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