Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Two New Options Added!

New and improved Bloodhound

          I want to thank everyone for bearing with me and waiting for me to finally get my website back up-to-date. This year has just be insanely crazy but so far things look like they might be getting back to normal (or semi-normal). Anyway there is just a little more tweaking I need to do on my website and then it will be good to go.

          Now to introduce my latest additions! If you love Bloodhounds you will be very happy to know that I have redone my pattern so now it is better then ever. I must admit I'm very pleased with how this one turned out. It took quite a long time to get this new pattern just so, particularly the ear which is my favorite part.

NEW Double Dappled color

          This year I had a lovely Dachshund costumer place an order for some new colors, which I was excited to do. Thanks to her I now have a black/tan dappled and double dappled in the Dachshund Longhaired to offer. I just love it when I get to work with a customer that is knowledgeable in their breed that they can give me feedback on how I can improve my pattern to get it as close to the breed standard as possible. I want to get each breed and color just right so that they pass muster with my customers who are very passionate about their particular breed.

NEW Dappled color
          If you are looking for a particular dog breed or even a coloration just send me an email with your request and I'll do my very best to make it happen.

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