Monday, September 15, 2014

I Have Birthday Photos!!

          As promised I have taken photos of Fussy eating her birthday cupcake. I had her eat it on the couch sitting at a snack tray so I would have better lighting and a clear view of her to take my photos. At first she was unsure that this was a good idea because she knows she normally isn't allowed up there to eat, but after I told her it was ok and gave her a little bit of encouragement she was all in. (I had the two younger dogs out of the room so they couldn't see, only to keep them from getting bad ideas for later.) I cut Fussy's cupcake up into bite sized pieces to make it easier for her to eat, also hoped it would keep down any mess.

My favorite photo of the bunch. Check out the cupcake hanging in her mouth!
"Fussy you have a little frosting on your nose."
Good to the very last crumb. Yummy!

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