Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fussy Is 14yrs Old Today, Happy Birthday!

          It is unbelievable how time can pass you by sometimes! Recently it seems to be just slipping by so dang fast recently, I had no idea it had been so long since my last post and not only that it is already time for Fussy's birthday. That's right, Fussy is now officially 14 years old. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FUSSY!!!

          I'm writing this post ahead of time so I don't currently have any B-Day photos of Fussy to post yet, but as this blog post is publishing its self I'll be offline enjoying some quality time with my favorite wheelchair bound gal.

          Wow, I can not believe it has been 14 years. It seems like yesterday I was just watching her be born ..... tumbling around with her litter mates ..... going to her first dog show ..... where does the time go? Sure you understand time is fleeting and precious but once your dog gets up there in years you are just reminded even more how short of a time we have left together. I had worried if she would make it to 14 years old, at times it seemed iffy. But I did my best to focus on the here and now and that is how I plan to continue going into Fussy's 14th year. I hate to make Fussy's birthday sound like such a downer, that isn't my intention. I just want make everyone aware not to waste what ever time they have with their pets (and even people for that matter).

          I swear the older Fussy gets the more "crazy" she is. Those of you who follow me on Google+ have been reading of Fussy's exploits so you know what I'm talking about! For anyone not familiar here is an example of the stuff Fussy does that runs me ragged and nuts. Fussy's new thing is to have me put her on the couch then shortly after will start whimpering. "Fussy you want to get off?" I ask her, she just lays there whimpering and staring at the ground. I get up and grab her lifting towel (when she isn't in her wheelchair I use a towel to help move her around), I get it wrapped around her back end and help her off the couch. "Where to Fussy?" I ask and she starts walking towards the doorway. Just before we get there she turns and starts heading to the loveseat. Before I know it I find myself duck walking behind her and we are just walking in a large circle around the room like four times. By now I'm starting to get annoyed when surprise, surprise, she wants back up on the very couch she had gotten off of and even in the exact same spot. WHAT?! You Got To Be Kidding Me!! I help her back on it....ahhhh, just right! She lays down and goes to sleep. Yeah, I have no idea what that was all about. Maybe she was wondering if I would be dumb enough to do all that, which in that case her experiment was a success. Well played Fussy, well played.

          Everyday with crazy old Fussy is a new adventure, I just never know what to expect. Some days are quite ordinary (but those are few and far between), there are days she'll get into trouble aaaall day long (those are the days I'm pulling out my hair), then there are those "what the" or "well that was different" days when Fussy comes up with new and odd stuff I hadn't had the pleasure of dealing with previously. What can I say....Fussy keeps me on my toes, and despite the trouble she can create I always find myself laughing.

I can not wait to see what new adventures Fussy has in store. I'm ready.....bring it on!

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