Thursday, January 24, 2013

Go Team Puppy! - It's Puppy Bowl IX

Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl IX is on February 3, 2013
          I am not a football fan, so when the Superbowl rolls around I usually avoid the TV and my football nut friends and family. However now the TV has been saved thanks to ..... the Puppy Bowl! Yay! Every year curl up on the couch with my dogs, family, and snacks to watch adorable floppy puppies running a football from field goal to field goal.

          Every year the Puppy Bowl adds a new feature like hamsters in a blimp to doggie tailgaters. Want to find out what will be new this year? Then check out this article:

          Spaniels and Spaniel mixes I am partial to and root for them to win each year's MVP. This year's puppy lineup doesn't look to have any. I guess I will then have to go with the Corgi mix and the Basset Hound puppies. Who would you pick?

          Hopefully this year there will be more water bowl action. I love when they go to the camera that is under the water bowl to film the puppies digging in the water. Cuteness over load! It is also a hoot when the puppies are given a penalty for relieving themselves. Never before has puppy accidents been so much fun. I suppose not having to pick it up myself plays some part in the enjoyment. Hehe!

          If you haven't seen the Puppy Bowl before I highly recommend it. Cuddle up with your pets and enjoy!

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