Friday, January 11, 2013

Dogs and the Law - Sentimental Value

          Ah, my first post of the new year and if I don't say so myself it is gonna be a good one. I came across this online article today Texas court asks: Is man's best friend priceless? The Texas Supreme Court is considering if dog owners should be able to sue for "emotional value" of the wrongful lose of a dog. It comes after a Fort Worth animal shelter wrongly euthanized a beloved - but essentially "worthless", in terms of actual market value - family dog named Avery who ran away in from home in 2009.

          Under the law dogs are considered property. Irreplaceable items like heirlooms, one-of-a-kind, photos, and other cherished property that are wrongfully destroyed one can sue for "sentimental value". If that is the case then why doesn't this law cover dogs? After all they are under the law "a piece of property".

          Read the full article as this could be a very important precedent and a great victory for dog and other pet owners.

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