Monday, August 1, 2011

Was Up?!

          Wow July was one hot steamy month, I hope you and your pets have been staying cool. On the bad days I have been taking my older dog out but as soon as she is finished I race her right back into the air conditioning. The thick humidity has been bad for her breathing, poor sweetheart. I would like to put out my dog's little swimming pool but I am worried about them staying outside long enough to use it. Let all hope that August will have better temperatures and less humidity.

          Last week I had a raccoon at my back yard gate, it looked like it had been contemplating on coming in the yard. Luckily it was a juvenile and I was able to scare it off. I know there has always been raccoons in the neighborhood but it is very rare that they are ever spotted. In all my years of living here I had only seen (before last week) two and had my tenant tell me about the very large one that was sitting on our fire escape. Hmm I wonder if this juvenile is what has been getting in the trash a putting holes in the trash bags. Still not sure if it a human instead as the trash can doesn't get knocked over. Also this year I have been spotting opossum footprints in my backyard, I still haven't seen the animal that the prints belong to though. I wonder if anyone else in urban areas are seeing more wild life.

          In case you were not aware my Christmas in July Sale is now over. Sorry to all those who missed it. To stay up on my latest happenings i.e. sales, giveaways, clearances, etc. make sure you are following this blog and you can also follow me on twitter. I rarely run sales so it is best to jump at the opportunity as soon as they are announced.

          Recently I have been (at least in between filling orders) slowly redoing my photos. It is a slow process as many of the crate tags I need to stitch a new one in order for my to take a photo of it. One of the tags I started to stitch was the Bernese Mountain Dog and as I started to work on it I decided to improve its colors. Back when I started first making my crate tags I didn't have the range of yarn colors available to me like what is on the market today. As soon as I have enough crate tags to set up another photo shoot I will show off it's new look.

          Speaking of photos I have been looking into getting some photo lights and a photo tent so I can take even better photos. Another thing nice about the photo lights and tent is I wont have to take my photos outside anymore. Taking photos at the mercy of Mother Nature can be frustrating an limiting. Cross your fingers that I can win the set on eBay for a reasonable price. So far everyone I have bid on I have been out bid on. This last one I have bid on I am winning but I have a three more days to go before it ends.

          Well I guess I best get back to work I have lots to do and never enough time to do it all!

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