Monday, July 11, 2011

3 New Great Dane Colors have been added

          When I started out stitching up a new color to add to the other 3 previously ones, I hadn't planed on finishing off all the Great Dane colors. But once I created and stitched the pattern for the harlequin color I figured why not! So I whipped up the black and blue as well. The great thing about doing it this way I was able to take a photo of all 6 crate tags together.

          Making the pattern for the harlequin color was a bit tricky. I had to re due it a few times because the torn patches where coming out more like spots. The plastic canvas put up a fight but in the end I triumphed and the end result proves it.

          I am so excited that the Great Dane is finished and all the colors for this breed are complete. It is a little goal compared to all the breeds and colors I still need to get through, but its a good feeling to be a step closer. Now on to the next!!

1 comment:

  1. These are marvelous and sized perfectly for a large animal. Perhaps, if he/she is truly a stylish dog, two or three tags would be good. You know, one with the typical info, one saying 'Love Me', one saying 'Dane's Rule', etc. etc.

    Can a dog every be over styled? Nope.