Saturday, August 6, 2011

You can now find me at Zibbet!

          I am looking into other selling venues to sell from besides ArtFire and eBay, I have been hearing good things about a place called Zibbet so I thought I would give them a try. They are offering everyone to open a free shop which is one of the main reasons I now sell there. Stop by and check out my new store.

          My new store is up and running however I currently don't have my new store completely stocked just yet. When you have a free shop with Zibbet they allow you to have only 50 listing at a time and at the moment I have about 23 items listed. I will slowly be filling it until I reach the listing limit. I decided that since there is a listing limit that I would only be offering my single sided TAG-A-LONG crate tags there. But don't worry you can still find all my items on ArtFire.

          In case you haven't heard ArtFire is in the process of discontinuing Basic accounts (that was ArtFire's Free seller's account). I am sad to see it go but ArtFire is moving into a new phase in its life which I am hoping will make the site bigger and better. If you are looking to open a free shop online my suggestion is to give Zibbet a try. However if you are wanting to sell on a up and coming site then ArtFire is the place you want. Become an ArtFire Pro with this link and get your 3rd month free!

          Not interested in selling, no problem. Both ArtFire and Zibbet have loads of wonderful quality handmade items that you can't find at your local big box store.


  1. I hope this doesn't mean that you are leaving Artfire !

  2. Oh no, no, no, I love ArtFire and I don't foresee myself leaving there anytime soon. ArtFire shall remain as my home base. I just figured I wouldn't keep all my eggs in one basket, as they say.

    So no one worry, you will still be able to find me selling and hanging out on ArtFire. :)