Thursday, March 12, 2015

Throwback Thursday - G+ post 2-17-2014

Originally posted on G+ February 17, 2014

The Adventures of Fussy The Wonder Dog .... as in I wonder why that dog did that.

The weather hasn't been a big help in allowing us much practicing with Fussy's wheels. With icy patches, uncleared sidewalks, and mountainous crossing walk corners it's been slow going.

Yesterday I took her for another outing. As we walked down our extremely ice patched gangway Fussy decided she didn't want to walk in front nor behind me. For some odd reason that shall only be known to her doggy logic she demanded we walk side by side. Normally any other time this would not be an problem, however the gutters have been dripping terribly causing great hills of thick ice to form on the walk way below. I did my best to accommodate her demands but it sure wasn't an easy task and definitely not one I will be repeating. Sorry Fussy, but seriously that was just nuts and ain't happening a second time. The last 6 feet or so to the side gate was ice free so I let go of her wheelchair. I turned my back on her just for a split second to open the gate. The gate swings open but no dog goes flying through. What's the hold up? I turn expecting to see Fussy but all I find are spinning wheels and flailing legs. Yeah that's right she managed to flip her cart. I easily calmed miss kicking legs which thankfully she wasn't scared but just trying to right herself. She stopped kicking and right side up I got her to her feet.

How did she flip over? Well my guess is the wall of our house has an odd edge at about little more the a half foot up the wall, and I think she ran her tire up onto the wall and then onto the funny edge, voila one upside down doggy. It is initially scary to see her like that but she didn't get hurt and it is all part of the learning process.  Stories like this may be heart stopping at the time but thankfully become funny tales to tell later.

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