Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Design - Boxer With Natural Ears

New Boxer with natural ears
          In case you haven't heard yet, I had some problems finding a new supplier for the clasps I use in my crate tag. Thankfully after a loooong search I was able to locate a suitable replacement. I bought a ton of them now I'm all fully stocked with a fresh supply of clasps. I had been waiting to release the new Boxer style as soon as I had found a new clasp supplier, now that I have ..........Introducing Boxer with Natural Ears!

          You Boxer lovers will be thrilled to know that you can get all the same colors I currently carry for the cropped ear style now in the natural ears. Once again this was a style with a slight color modification requested by a customer. I am always happy to hear customer requests!
Boxer crate tags with cropped ears. Same colors can now be gotten with natural ears.
          At the time of this post this new style is not yet listed in my shops or on my website, but rest assured I will post them as soon as possible. Not to worry if you don't see them (or any other breed I currently carry) in my shops you are always more then welcome to contact me and request a custom listing. Also don't forget you can also get this new style not only in crate tag form but also as a magnet, ornament, and more.

          Didn't find your favorite breed or color? If you didn't then I would love to hear from you. Because if I don't then there is no telling how long it will take before I'll get around on my own to make it.

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