Monday, September 9, 2013

FDA Releases Arsenic in RiceTest Results – But is it Safe for Your Dog?

FDA Releases Arsenic Test Results – Is Rice Safe for Your Dog?

           There is a great article on the DogFoodAdvisor (one of my favorite dog related sites) about arsenic in rice. If you feed your dog food kibble or use rice in your homemade dog food you may want to think twice. Read the article and educate yourself to make an informed decision. I personally don't think you need to abandon rice altogether but similar to tuna and other fish with mercury you don't want to be feeding it for every meal.

          Currently I've been taking a good look at what I feed my dog and how I feed my dog. I've always read the labels but now I'm looking into ways to limit my dependence on kibbled food. I know the convenience and easy that commercially produced dog food gives can really be a godsend, so for some of us we are kinda stuck with it. So what I've been doing is to add things to the kibble which allows me to cut down on the amount of kibble I give. Adding raw or cooked fruits and vegetables to your dog's food is a great start. Also adding cooked meats and/or even organ meats (I never recommend feeding raw meat, read my past post) as a supplement to the commercial food. What is nice about doing it this way is, as I said before, that you will be cutting down on your dog's kibbled consumption but still keeping the convince and nutrition that that kind of food provides. Buy your "supplement" food items when they are on sale and/or when you have the time to add them to your dog's diet.

          Adding "supplement" foods to your dog's commercial food is a great stepping stone and practice to making home cooked meals and ditching the kibble altogether. Even just doing one home-cooked meal a week will (in my opinion) do your dog good. Do your research, learn all that you can, then make your best educated guess on what is right for you and your dog.

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