Monday, July 15, 2013

Is Your Dog's Prescription Correct? - Medicine Mix Up

          Older dogs more then likely are on some sort of prescribed medicine from the vet, be it for a temporary illness or a permanent condition. Dogs of all ages at some point in their life will need a prescription drug for one reason or another. Usually you would get them through your vet, but if you are like me you are getting them through a drug store. My 13 year old dog is on Tramadol for her arthritis and it turns out that we can get the drug cheaper through a traditionally human pharmacy.

          Earlier this year my dog needed a refill of her pills. Called it in, got it filled, no problem. That was until we picked it up. I opened up the bottle to give my girl her pill but there was something wrong, the pills were a different color and shape then we normally get. I checked the label on the bottle...nope all was well there, but I knew this was still wrong. So I thought "Ah-ha! I'll Google the number stamped on the pill". Wouldn't you know it there is a website that you can look things like that up. It turned out that the medicine I received was Simvastatin a drug used to treat high cholesterol.

          The moral of the story is people make mistakes but you are your dog's last line of defense before that pill goes down their throat. It may be redundant, time consuming, and boring but every time I get a new prescription or refill I make it a point to take the time to check that it is correct. To check your dogs meds I recommend the website I used, once there click on the Pill Identifier tab and fill out the information.

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