Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dog Product Review - EVO canned food

          As many of you already know Fussy my almost 13 year old English Springer Spaniel is aptly named thanks to her finicky nature. Giving her pills have always been a royal pain in the bum, so guess what she has to take everyday now that she is an older dog.....that's right pain pills.

          Over all the years and of all the dogs that I had I've become adequate at administering pills. Hiding meds in a treat or food is the easiest followed by the direct down the hatch approach. Fussy on the other hand is more then adequate at detecting pills in food and stopping any pill administered directly (I wont get into details but suffice it to say she is good).

          It has been extremely hard to find something edible that I can hide her medication in. First the food item needs to be able to hold the pill in place without coming apart. Second it needs to be tasted enough that Fussy will not examine it and take it in only one bite. Every time I think I have found something that will work she only falls for it for a short time, she is just to dang smart and not amply piggish. Once she catches on she will either refuse to ever touch that food again or she will gingerly pick at it to remove any "foreign objects".

Fussy is quite adorable looking but she has a devilish side!

          Earlier this year I went to the pet store and bought a small variety of quality canned dog. I didn't exactly buy them to stick pills in but as luck would have it one of them turned out that way. EVO canned food had the right texture and constancy to hide a pill in but more importantly Fussy goes nuts for it. Hallelujah!!

          There have been a few times where Fussy had noticed I stuffed a pill in her spoonful of EVO but the taste of the food is way to tasty for her to be fussy over it. Let me tell you that feels like a miracle or at the very least takes the stress out of pill time. If you have a finicky dog or are having a hard time administering your dog's medication you may want to check out EVO canned dog food.

          The pet stores in my area can be a pricey when it comes to buying healthy dog food, so I thought I would search the internet and see if I could it cheaper. I came across petfooddirect, they have the food for a decent price and even have sales from time to time. What I also liked was for that brand of food you can buy a variety case that includes three cans each of beef, chicken & turkey, duck, and venison. This is great because even dogs some diversity in flavor.

          How do you give your dog its pills, I love to hear if you found a better way. Have you bought dog from an online store, what store did you use and how where their prices?


  1. Here is something else I just found out about EVO. The beef seems to have the best constancy, the chicken & turkey is a bit on the runny side, and the venison is hard. When we get to the can of duck I'll report my findings.

    1. The duck's consistency is in between the chicken & turkey and the beef. But after it has been in the refrigerator it firms up.

      After giving Fussy the venison with her pill for a while Fussy did noticed the pill, on a few occasions she did give me some problem taking it. I don't know if that was due to the consistency of the meat or if venison isn't her favorite.

      Considering Fussy's tastes and the performance of the each flavor to hold and conceal the pill this is how I would rate the cans: Beef is at the top of the list, Duck would come in in second place, Chicken & Turkey in third place only due to its runny consistency, and in last place Venison.