Thursday, December 8, 2011

Improved Bearded Collie & Borzoi Designs

          As time progresses on and I look back at some of my very first dog breed patterns, I realize that some can do with some improving. My skills and eye for how I create my all breed dog items have matured over the years. I know that there are many more dog breeds and colors I have not yet gotten to but I just can not help but want to revisit some of the earlier designs. It is not that I think they are bad, it is just I have this nagging compulsion that says "I bet I can do that even better".

          In between filling orders (which recently has left me very little down time) I managed to rework the Bearded Collie and Borzoi. More times then I can count did I have to either stop in the middle of sketching or stitching both of these dogs, but I somehow found enough time to get them done.

          The Bearded Collie proved to be the easier of the two for me, although I did have to only rework the size of the head from my first attempt at redoing this design. Unlike drawing or painting, needlepoint on plastic canvas deals with squares and it can prove to be problematic at times.

         The Borzoi on the other hand was giving me quite the challenge, mainly becuase of the head. I think I tried six different head versions before I ended up with the one you see now. I am so very happy with the way it looks that now I may redo a few of the other sighthounds. But of course that is all for another time.

          Like one of these or any of my other dogs but you don't see your color, then please contact me. I am more then happy to add new breed colors.

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