Thursday, September 1, 2011

Have YOU been to the Field Museum lately?

          Yup! I sure have been to see the Field Museum in Chicago Illinois yesterday and have a really great time. It is one of my favorite museums to visit and the view is spectacular.

          I had originally wanted to get there as soon as the place opened but fate sometimes likes to toy with you. Of all the times for the cars computer to go screwy, who's bright idea was it anyway to put a computer brain in a car. I would like to thank them with a big kick to the shin. Because of it our local mechanic can work on it it has to go to a dealership for that kind of repair, which you know isn't going to be cheap. So after a call to relative and AAA I was back on track to the museum. My mother went with the car and I headed to the Field. (Luckily mom was only going to be dropping me off at the museum anyway.)

          My next obstacle was road construction which funneled the traffic down to a stop and go crawl. Now I was getting closer and I could see the museum in the distance. Wait I think I hear something...sure enough sirens. It turns out to be police cars and one comes flying into our intersection whips around an drives onto the walk way. She jumps out and runs over to direct traffic. She drains all the incoming cars on the road we are waiting to turn onto. What is odd the cars just keep coming and coming. I thought if the cops were trying to block off a road and remove the cars at some point the street should run out of cars, but it didn't. An ambulance comes racing up from behind us on the wrong side of the road and turns down the street we are waiting to turn onto and parks not to far from the corner.

          Finally the cop she tells our lane to turn. The bus in front of us turns and we follow. We drive pasted the parked ambulance not doing anything with no injured person in sight. As we drive down the road we see the next street that we need to turn onto blocked with cops, ambulances, and firetrucks. Why on Earth the cop told our turn lane to turn onto this road is beyond me because the road we turned onto can only turn right (which will take us away from the museum) or left (which was blocked by an accident). From where we were you couldn't see what the accident was but I pray that if someone was injured that they were going to be alright. We did hit a bit of luck, before we got to the end of the road another cop stopped us and had us make a u-turn. We were now headed back into the correct direction and was smooth sailing to the Field.

          I was dropped off across the street from one of the museum's doors and off I went. Barely a line to wait in with a comfortable amount of people roaming about the museum. It was very pleasant as we strolled around the exhibits and taking pictures. (My digital photographic ablitys leave much to be desired.) Any time I go to the Field I make sure that I bring my back pack, camera, extra batteries, lunch, snacks, and water. A backpack is the best way to carry around anything and after all the walking you will definitely need to take a break for something to eat.

          I hope you enjoy peeking at some of the pics I took and I hope it inspires you to go to the Field. When you do go I encourage you not to just zoom by looking at everything becuase if you do you will really miss out on some very intresting information. So stop and take the time to read the plaques, learn, and have fun.

Ya gotta love this face!

          Some of the displays are just so massive you can't but help feel very small. I wish my pictures of the on that takes up a full wall turned out good for you to see, it truly is something to see.

I love this display, it a much bigger then my pic shows.

          What is great about the Field Museum is you can see many animals that you usually don't see on the TV documentaries. Which I think is a real shame and makes me wonder if there isn't someone some where studying these animals.

Dire wolf skulls
          From animals of the present and past to different human cultures, rocks and precious stones, and plants is what you will find at the Field.

You can really see why predators have a hard time picking an individual out.

The man eater of Mfuwe.

The famous man eaters of Tsavo These are the lions the movie The Ghost and the Darkness were based on.

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