Saturday, April 19, 2014

African Wild Dogs On My Recent Trip To Brookfield Zoo

Click to enlarge my photo I took at the Brookfield Zoo

          One of my favorite places to visit is the Brookfield Zoo, we've been going there since I could remember. I have loads of awesome memories of this zoo. Most of them start with the typical old person saying "When I was a kid...", gaw that makes me feel old even though I'm not truly. It is sorta weird seeing how things have changed from when you were a kid to now. Anyway despite and in some cases because of those changes I had a great day at the zoo this Thursday.

          My sister has bought a family pass this year to the zoo so lucky me I'll get to tag along from time to time. Provided my camera behaves its self and can take some decent photos or videos I'll be posting some of it here for everyone to enjoy.

          Check out this video (with no sound) I made of the African Wild Dogs playing. The thing hanging from the chain is a slab of pork, just FYI.

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