Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Dog Actually Enjoys Her New Wheelchair

          Over the last year Fussy's arthritis has progressively gotten worse. Her back legs were getting unsteady and harder for her to keep them firmly underneath her. Eventually smooth surfaces like a kitchen floor have become to "slippery", poor Fussy's butt end would be slipping and falling like a baby deer on ice. Throwing down run runners have helped tremendously. Then in November Sunka and Cahokia, who I co-own with my sister, needed to move back in. Sunka and Cahokia are Fussy's seven year old adult pups who still have the energy of dogs much younger. Do to their rambunctiousness they are prone to knocking Fussy off her feet. I had a feeling early on that if her hips and arthritis continued to get worse she may need a wheelchair to safely get about. By December I couldn't take her for her much needed and beloved walks, she could no longer walk even a half a block without falling over. The search for a wheelchair was on.

          I wont bore you with the details for the search and eventual finding of one that fit Fussy's needs. But I will say this if you ever need a wheelchair for your dog (or other pet) don't go anywhere else but to Eddie's Wheels. Their wheelchairs are a lot of money but worth every penny. The quality, safety, and customer service is outstanding. If you find you can't afford a brand new one inquire about their used wheelchairs that they have on occasion.

          Anyone who has been following my blog or Google+ posts know that Fussy like her name suggest can have a mind of her own. This fact made me worry, would she like her new wheels or hate them. The moment of truth came over this last weekend. I read all the instructions that came with the chair and made sure everything was adjusted, then it was time to take it outside for a road test. She didn't like being loaded into the wheelchair but she compiled without objection. Got her all locked in now the rest was up to her. The first few steps were tentative and awkward, I half thought I didn't have her seated correctly. A quick double check proved all was well there. Fussy walked a little farther and you could tell the whole concept seemed odd to her, but by the time we were on our way walking her demeanor changed. It is hard to say if she realized she no longer had a hard time walking but the longer we walked the more happy and excited Fussy became. The following day I took her back out again and this time I could hardly keep up with her! I think I can officially say she loves her new wheelchair.

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