Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What is new? English Setter & Scottish Terrier that's what!

The New & Improved English Setter
          Long time lovers of my work will remember the original pattern I had for the English Setter, but everyone will be happy to learn that I have improved it for the better. I had not listed the original pattern for some time because it very much needed a make over and its size was way to big. The new English Setter pattern is now the right size and with a much improved color pattern.

New Scottish Terrier color black
          Now you have two color options for the Scottish Terrier. I know many will be surprised that I didn't already offer a black Scottish Terrier. Sadly it was true and to fix this over sight it has now being added to my line. It is a long slow process at times but I am working on adding new breeds and new color options. I keep a running personal list of dogs and colors I would like to work on, but new items requested by my customers take precedent over my list and get added to my line first. If there is something you would like to see add you are always very welcome to put in a request.

          Thanks to another customer request Smooth Dachshund has a new color a dark red color. This and the above mentioned other newly added items are currently only listed in my ArtFire shop, as soon as time permits I will get them listed in my other shops.

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  1. Those are so awesome, very well done! Wish I could have the dachshunds. :)

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