Friday, May 13, 2011

Soldiers saving puppies, Puppies saving soldiers

          The Puppy Rescue Mission "Soldiers saving puppies, Puppies saving soldiers" is a non-for-profit group that helps our soldiers rescue the dogs and puppies they have grown to love. While fighting for our country our heroes find some sort of normalcy in the from of stray puppies and dogs. The emotional support and the bonds that they make are strong. Please help our heroes that have sacrificed so much for us help the dogs these brave men and women hold dear.

          The Puppy Rescue Mission needs dog crates to ship their precious canine cargo back to the states. If you would like to help you can click on the widget found above or mail them your donation.

To mail checks write "Crates" on the check and address to:
The Puppy Rescue Mission
P.O. Box 1516
Celina, TX 75009

          To read more about this great cause you can also find them on Blogger, Facebook, and Twitter . The Puppy Rescue Mission could always use donations, help, and foster homes. If you would like to find out how to adopt some of these wonderful dogs please click here.

Can you look into the eyes of our heroes and their furry companions and deny them help?

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