Saturday, April 23, 2011

New photo for Mastiff

          Little by little I am getting updated photos done for each crate tag that still needs it. The Mastiff is the most recent one with a brand spanking new photo. Now only 38 more to go! If stitching didn't take so long to do I am sure I would be almost done by now. Oh well, I will just remain positive and keep on plugging away.

          Many times I get to add updated photos thanks to an order one of my lovely customers have placed, which is the case here. So don't be shy, place your order and help push me to get more photos done. It is very fulfilling for me knowing with each new shot I take I come closer to my goal.

          Just to let you know coming soon I will have a new crate tag design listed. Do you want to know for which breed? Well you will just have to come back later to find out!

          Another new item I will soon be listing as soon as I get photos and descriptions written up are dog collar charms. That's right, I will now be selling bling for your pup to wear. I am really excited about this new line of dog jewelry. But more on this great news later.

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